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*NEW* Slacko Puppy (Slackware-Compatible Build)

March 9, 2014 - The developers group led by 01micko has released the latest build of Slacko Puppy, version 5.7.

Open folder of Slacko 5.7 and choose your preferred ISO*.

Open folder of Slacko 5.7 and choose your preferred ISO*.

Other download sites are at aarnet, internode, UOC, and VCU.

ISO Size: 161 MB

* Note: The PAE build is for enabling full access to installed RAM in PAE-enabled, high-memory machines. Non-PAE is for older PCs with at least 256 MB RAM (512 MB is recommended).

slacko puppy desktop
Slacko Puppy 5.7 desktop.

Notes: Release Notes and Additional Notes by Developer

Forum feedback and bugs: Slacko 5.7.

The new Slacko Puppy 5.7:

  • is built with the new Woof-CE (community) build system;
  • uses long-term-supported Linux kernels 3.4.82 for non-PAE and 3.10.32 for PAE build;
  • is compatible with the binary TXZ packages of Slackware 14, accessible through the Package Manager (note that native Puppy Linux packages are called PETs);
  • features new GUI enhancements;
  • has the latest applications, including Abiword, Sylpheed Mail, and Firefox ESR browser (other browsers are available through the Package Manager);
  • runs first-boot wizard that takes care of your desktop settings and connections;
  • includes support for many wired and wireless connections including wireless modems;

For previous versions of Slacko, see the news page.

Lucid Puppy (Ubuntu-Compatible Build)

"Anyone NOT having used Puppy 5.2.8 Lucid is missing THE Linux to go to for first-time and long-term users." - From the Forum

April 5, 2012 - Update 5 is here, with OpenOffice (lupulibre) version added in the download folder. Lucid Puppy version uses kernel and allows the user to install his/her favorite browser (user installs it from the Internet at first boot).

Download latest version of 5.2.8 from Get lupu-528.005.iso or explore the folder.

Download latest version of 5.2.8 from Get lupu-528.005.iso or explore the folder.

MD5 Checksum: 8ad170c46b523436776398fa5ce39fa4

ISO Size: 132.6 MB

desktop image of lupu 528
Lucid Puppy 5.2.8 desktop with browser wizard.

Announcement and Release Notes

Forum discussion

Extra drivers

New in Lucid Puppy 5.2.8 (released August 17, 2011):

  • made faster with i686 optimization;
  • new, versatile Roxterm console;
  • new Control Panel;
  • more firmware, drivers and updates;
  • improved hardware detection and configuration;
  • more wallpapers and themes.

New in Lucid Puppy 5.2.5 (released April 2, 2011):

  • Bash 4.1.0, Syslinux 4.03, e2fsprogs 1.41.14, JWM 500, Gnumeric 1.10.13;
  • updated PBurn and Gnome-MPlayer 1.02;
  • built from Woof of February 26, 2011.

Lucid Puppy 5.2 (released January 5, 2011):

  • is still compatible with Ubuntu packages;
  • has QuickSet for point-and-click desktop configuration;
  • has QuickPet for updates, diagnostics, and package installs;
  • has alternative window managers (XFCE, Fluxbox) through the package manager;
  • includes language packs for 11 different languages;
  • a true Puppy Linux built using Woof, the magical build script of Chief Developer Barry Kauler.

Windows Installer (EXE installer)

Use EXE installer to install Puppy Linux in Windows PC. This involves downloading an exe installer and then clicking on it (the usual way of installing programs in Windows). Find the version you like through the links below. Note that the current release is Slacko at version 5.7, Lucid Puppy is at version 5.28, and the default PAE ISO in Slacko enables access to installed RAM in machines with more than 4 GB.

The installer will add to your boot menu (1) Linux in the first boot dialogue and (2) Grub menu for choosing how to use Puppy Linux in the second boot dialogue. The file menu.lst and a "puppy" folder containing the Puppy Linux files will be added to your hard drive.

windows boot dialog
Windows boot dialog after installation

grub menu at boot time
Grub menu for options in booting Puppy Linux
(Don't use save file when making its backup or investigating problems.)

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