New Long-Term-Supported Puppy

See the previous LTS: Wary Puppy for much older PCs   

Precise Puppy is the new Long-Term-Supported release.

August 3, 2013 - A version 5.7.1 update of Precise Puppy is now available. Precise Puppy is a Long Term Supported release, following Ubuntu Precise Pangolin's LTS attribute. The kernel version of the standard release is 3.9.11 (PAE, i686) while an older kernel 3.2.48 (i486, no PAE ) is used with the retro release (the retro has many device drivers, including analog modem drivers).

Download the STANDARD precise-5.7.1.iso here or there, size = 156 MB, md5sum = c4999c4bd8ca3a8fc935389c2667f848.

New (January 19, 2014): Download the updated Japanese edition Precise-571JP derived from Precise-5.7.1-retro.iso from Sourceforge-Japan, Openlab-Japan, Server-on-Net, or Shino's server, size = 134 MB, md5sum = 3072b4c843071634778208779e27bdf4. (Optional - Get the Windows installer from the same folder: size = 134 MB, md5sum = a19b7ad3cec2786777de81ba4b8ccff9. NOTE: This has less analog modem drivers and has Opera as browser. For details of the build, see the release notes.)

Download the RETRO precise-5.7.1-retro.iso here or there, size = 201 MB, md5sum = 8c1d7db20a055fe847ed954fc246e078. NOTE: This has additional drivers, including analog modem drivers, and has Opera as additional browser for PCs with 256 MB or less random-access memory (RAM).

precise puppy desktop
Precise Puppy 5.7.1 boots with a new Xorg Video Wizard that can recover from blackout/reboot at first boot.

Read more about Precise Puppy 5.7.1, visit the forum discussion, or check for updates by searching for "precise" in Barry's blog.

For older versions of Precise Puppy, see the news page.

Quote  Amazing (for my 2.4 GHz Pentium IV) - I was floored by the speed and multi-tasking ability [that Precise Puppy] offered! Amazing is a lesser word for it!
- Puppy Linux 5.4 `Precise` Review

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