New RacyPuppy

April 5, 2012 - RacyPuppy has been updated to version 5.3. It is Wary with new Xorg 7.6 and kernel 3.0.25 - a version of Wary enhanced to run on new PCs, see the announcement by Barry Kauler. There is now greater support for internationalization, and lots of bugs have been fixed. Language "langpacks" are now available with included translations for both the system and applications.

Download racy-5.3.iso here or there, size = 112.8 MB, md5sum = 5e2775f136be67a71ff2dc2835ae7a39 (it is smaller than Wary because it lacks dial-up modem drivers).

racypuppy desktop
RacyPuppy boots directly to graphical desktop - it can use the full potential of graphics devices and has new device drivers for new PCs.

Read more about RacyPuppy 5.3, visit the forum discussion, or check for updates by searching for "racy" in Barry's blog.

NOTE: If you can't boot RacyPuppy, then try Wary - despite its older kernel, it has dial-up modem drivers not included in Racy.