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Puppy Linux is a live CD that is easy to remaster, and puplets are remasters with special features. They are different in one or many ways from the standard (official) Puppy.

For example, ttuuxxx has been creating remasters of Puppy with Firefox since Puppy version 4.2, and he calls his puplet "Puppies". Pizzasgood has recently created a 4.2.1 multiuser puplet. Puppy can also be run in Virtual Machine in Windows (1 GB RAM required!) - see playdayz' VirtualBox puplet. A much-appreciated puplet series is the NOP/XFCE series by Gray.

Puplets are special-purpose, so for further example, ttuuxxx has also built 2.14X, a puplet with updated libs and applications (but old kernel 2.6.18). This is suitable for pre-dual-processor PCs - it will work well with the original eeePCs. And speaking of the eeePC 701, Raffy (me) has released Breeezy, a 65-MB puplet in ZIP form ready to be installed to USB or SD flash. Breeezy is now getting old, but it is still useful for the original eeePC 701 4G and 2G Surf.

You can now see that the challenge in puplet sharing is in support. Ttuuxxx's "Puppies" puplets are released shortly after the official releases (since Puppy 4.2), so support of "Puppies" is easy through the Forum. Other puplets have their own Forum discussion threads, so it is just a matter of searching for that thread and reading it to check if your problem is already answered. For other, less popular puplets, you have to visit the author's website or email him/her to get support.

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With so many puplets being shared, it is too time-consuming to keep track of all of them. Here are sites that discuss or store puplets.

Puplets Archive

Large/General-Purpose | Non-English | Special-Purpose

NOTE: If the download or page asks for username and password, try username = puppy, password = linux. You may have to type these 2X.


Up-to-date small base with easily installed sfs add-ons.

English and Vietnamese build of Puupy 4.2.1. Many software included.

Lighthouse Pup

Up-to-date with the latest Puppy versions. Offers several media players, GIMP image editing, optional KDE ('K' Desktop Environment) and Compiz-Fusion eye-candy and accessibility components. Modular design with numerous SFS software add-on packages including Lighthouse Mariner, Voyager, KDE, OpenOffice and Opera.

The original TeenPup is based on Puppy 2.14, so it is good for older, single-processor PCs. The new Mini 2010 is based on the community-released Puppy 4.2.1.

TeenPup is a large puplet with many software goodies. See the 2009 Legacy build at Softpedia

UTF-8-ready puplet for different countries (original build = Japanese).


Flexxxpup (user puppy password linux)
Attractive! (English and French) - "Customized the interface so it is less minimalistic and more welcoming."

Chinese version of Puppy 4.2.

Molinux Zero
".. es un sistema operativo completo."
"Basado en Puppy Linux 4.2 y en Bobby 1.0"

"LXDE desktop environment with Swedish language support."

SUTinRAM 4.0


Astronomy | Bio | Chemistry | Evangelism | Games | Library | Media
Misc: Browser-Only | Flux | MAC | P2P | TrueCrypt | Visuals | XFCE (NOP)


Cloudy Skies Live (user puppy password linux)
Planetarium Puplet
An astronomy CD. Uses the entire Puppy 3.01 Linux as its core and consists of over 2 dozen programs. In addition to these, there are also 4 JAVA applications and several smaller JAVA applets in 6 categories.


Provides both standard and cutting edge bioinformatics software tools on a [Puppy Linux 3.01] base.


Chemistry puplet.


A Christian Puppy derivative that focuses on Bible study, office applications, internet, and email, but also includes applications for multimedia presentations, audio and video editing, and musical notation.

ShepherdPup is a compact freely distributable [live CD] for Christian evangelism.


Video game emulation.

Growler (user puppy password linux)
Growler came into existence because [the author's] kids wanted a computer that they could play games on (Battle for Wesnoth, Regnum, Terragen).

HurtMePlenty (user puppy password linux)
Doomsday + many addons and wads (extralevels, Doom1 shareware, freedom (doom2-clone) and more). Quake2 shareware + many addons, engines + wads. Descent 2 shareware. Tuxracer. Dreamchess 2000.


Library puplet described at open-lib.net.


MediaPup (user puppy password linux)
Mediapup was developed primarily to do video editing and dvd authoring with movie and still images. It was built on a full Puppy 4.1.2 retro installation, in order to maintain compatibility with older machines particularly with regard to external DVD burners.

MiPup is a media optimized puplet. It is designed to be easy to use for any level of users.


BrowserLinux is a fast and small (79 Mb!) linux distribution for surfing the web.

PupFlux (user puppy password linux)
Fluxbox in Puppy 4.1.2

Based on Ttuuxxx's 4.2v2 Deeper thought(, a "no Bling" version of puppylinux 4.2 with all of the current updates. Based on Ttuuxxx's 4.2v2 Deeper thought

Puppy Linux LiveCD aimed for use with the Anonymous network I2P.

Puppy Crypt 4.2 Plus
TrueCrypt (create a virtual encrypted disk) plus OpenOffice 3.0 and many other software.

TigerPup (Visual Effects)
Based on Compiz-Fusion and Puppy 3.01 - integrates wNOP's preconfigured Compiz-Fusion scripts with an easy to use, graphical interface.

NOP - No-Office Puplet (XFCE) (user puppy password linux)
Has older repository. Based on Puppy Linux 4.x.x.
German NOP 4.1.3 (user puppy password linux)

Quote  Fatdog64: Fatdog is an all 64bit version of Linux built from source packages and using Puppy Linux scripts and structure.
- Kirk (Florida, USA)

[Most new PCs are 64-bit-ready, check the processor description.]

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