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{{image class="right" alt="this is me" title="this is me" url=""}}Hello I am AdDoc, aka debernardis (on the forums). Myt username here is AdDoc because I work as an addictions doc, which is quite an interesting job. By the way, I live in Sicily, that's quite an interesting place (come and see by yourself :-) and drop me a line if you do).
I have remastered some recent Puppies in order to make Rudypuppy, a puplet which includes some applications I like and use, handy to get on a live cd. I use it now as a main OS both for work and home stuff, having almost stopped booting kubuntu at all.

==Wiki Pages==
[[RudyPuppy Latest Rudypuppy]]
[[ExperimentalBT Experimental Bluetooth on Puppy!]]
[[PuppyLinuxSearchEngine Puppy Linux search engine]]

==Personal Pages==
[[ some dotpups I packed or repacked]]

Other interesting distros: [[ Kubuntu]] - [[ Sabayon]] - [[ Knoppix]] - [[ CPX-mini]]
[[ My home page]] - [[ MedASq, my text-only interface to Pubmed/Medline]]

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