Installing air for puppy without installing gnome

1. Download the adobe air SDK, it is portable, so can put it wherever you want then do the nessecary symlinks.
download here:

2. Extract it.

3. Symlink the "adl" file to /usr/bin

Getting your application to work

1. Unzip your .air applicaation with "unzip" or renaming the extension to .zip then using pupzip

2. Symlink all the files(.swf and .xml) from the parent directoty into the "META-INF/AIR/" where "application.xml" is.

3. Make a script. I'll save it as "airapp"(you can change the name). Needs to be full path.
adl /full/path/to/application.xml

4. Symlink the script to /usr/bin

5. You can then create the menu entry or desktop icon.

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