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======Installing air for puppy without installing gnome======

1. Download the adobe air SDK, it is portable, so can put it wherever you want then do the nessecary symlinks.
download here:

2. Extract it.

3. Symlink the "adl" file to /usr/bin

======Getting your application to work======

1. Unzip your .air applicaation with "unzip" or renaming the extension to .zip then using pupzip

2. Symlink all the files(.swf and .xml) from the parent directoty into the "META-INF/AIR/" where "application.xml" is.

3. Make a script. I'll save it as "airapp"(you can change the name). Needs to be full path.
adl /full/path/to/application.xml
4. Symlink the script to /usr/bin

5. You can then create the menu entry or desktop icon.

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