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Me - retired audio engineer/kart/mini racer, lived on the edge, never fell off,
hooked on techy stuff, but spiritually aware too
ex-environmental activist, vegetarian, well seasoned kinda person
biodiesel car, solar bits/wind genny bits.....motors/pumps/batteries....
far too many unfinished 'repair jobs' need doing, and I've run out of space

test kit
What can I say?
1st PC - TRS80 with CP/M; unsuccessful user - went exploring the world :)
Detoured into music/sound systems/studio kit

Currently, far too many old PC's - IBM laptops, 560,570,T21,T30
About maybe 20-odd desktops from 100mhz 486dx, loadsa P2/P3 to 2.6Ghz P4 duo
Couple of monster big Dell servers, sort of working, though not for intended use, assorted scsi rack/kit, awaiting re-instatement
usb hdd/firewireCDs/zipdrives, external everything, several routers/switches/hubs
EPIA mini-itx with P4 1.6ghz/400fsb/512kb cache - carPC project
Commell LV670 with P4 2.6Ghz/533fsb/1Mb cache - updated carPC todo project
oodles of ebay purchased bits, some of which still await use
broadband 2meg
""Win98SE""/2K/XP/several puppy versions from 2.14 on
currently 214v9 virtual by playdayz on XP on core duo, and 214R & XP on T30

I just enjoy playing/reading/learning/researching whatever I seem to follow.....
which can change unexpectedly, life's trials and tribulations

I test what I can/know how...I'm not really any good at Linux....
programming and I have never really seen eye to eye
I like things simple functional and trouble free,
which probably explains why I seem to be acutely aware of the complexity
that everything seems to be turned into by diversity
I'm a sort of living chaos theory ...... :)

Willing to do research, editorial/grammatical/typo/critique/encourage/joke/w.h.y

Currently, as at Oct 09, trying to reduce my energy bills/usage, and stay sane and healthy.

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