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~**Amarok** is an audio player.
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~[[ Amarok 1.4.10 - Powerfull music player SFS thread]] package by [[dejan555]]
~[[LegacyOS]] - some version include this player
~[[ Amarok 1.4.10 - Powerfull music player SFS thread]]
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~Optical disc authoring. This program allows you to create title screens, menus etc. for use with standard DVD players.
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~[[ dvdstyler-2.3.4 PET thread]] - compiled for [[PrecisePuppy Precise]]
~[[ dvdstyler-1.8 PET/SFS thread]] - compiled for [[Dpup Dpup Exprimo]]
~[[ dvdstyler-1.7.3 PET thread]]
~Source code distribution:
~Dependencies: +[[bzip2]],+[[gettext]],+[[grep]],+[[libexif]],+[[tar]],+[[wxsvg]]
~[[ DVD Styler homepage]]
~[[ Creating DVDs with Kino and DVDStyler]]

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