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==== Architecture Index ====
~**Architecture** - processor and motherboard types-
~~[[ARM]] - common for portable devices
~~[[x86]] - common for laptops and desktops
[[HomePage]] > [[ComponentHowTo Components and HowTos]]
==== Component and ""HowTo"" Index ====
~This Page contains information and how-to about the different components of Puppy Linux,
~(for information about Wiki see [[WikiIndex Wiki Index]]).
**{{color c="purple" text="RaspberryPi and ARM Resources"}}**
~-[[PARM]] Puppy on ARM

**Installing Puppy OS**
~-[[InstallationIndex Installation]]
~-[[BootIndex Booting (Start up)]]
~-[[HowToConfigure Configure]]
**Using programs**
~-[[Software Installing Software]]
~-[[HowToMultimedia How To Multimedia]]
~-[[HowToDetectDevices Detect Devices]]
~-[[CompatibleDevicesUSB Compatible USB Devices]]
~-[[USB3 USB3 Support]]
~-[[Suspend Suspend Puppy]]
**OS and Software**
~-[[PuppyVersionInformation How to find the Puppy Version]]
~-[[PuppyState How to find the Puppy State]]
~-[[FineTuneBrowser How to fine tune Web browser]]
~-[[PuppyOnLaptops Configuring Puppy on Laptops ]]
~-[[BatteryMonitoring Battery Monitoring]]
~-[[EeePc Puppy on Asus Eee Pc]]
~-[[Laptop Extend Laptop Battery Life]]
~-[[Architecture]] - processor and motherboard type
~-[[FirstRun]] - Program run on first run
~-[[FileManagers File Manager]]
~-[[FileTypes Files Types]]
~-[[FontIndex Fonts]]
~-[[GuiIndex Graphic User Interface]]
~-[[InputDevices Input Devices]]
~-[[NativeLanguageSupport Language Support]]
~-[[RootFs Linux Directory Structure]]
~-[[Storage Memory and Storage]]
~-[[PrintersScanners Printers and Scanners]]
~-[[SoundSystem Sound system]]
~-[[Video Video Driver]]
~-[[CommandLine Command Line]] - Command line and terminal info
~-[[CompilingIndex Compiling]]
~-[[HowToProgramming Programming]]
~-[[Woof]] - build your own version of Puppy
==Also see==
~-[[TutorialYouTube Tutorial Videos]]
~-[[PuppyLinuxSearchEngine Better Search]]
~-[[FrequentlyAskedQuestions FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions]]

==Related Pages==
~[[ Common Commands Reference Card]]
~[[ Index of resources for Beginners Help forum]]
~[[ Bruce B Puppy Links page]]

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