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====""ArchPup 12.04""====
~**""ArchPup""** is very minimalistic Puppy Linux variant, built using Arch Linux packages, with pacman installed and configured as default package manager. The [[WindowManager|window manager]] is [[OpenBox]]. This version has been superseded by [[ArchPup ArchPup 12.12]]

~Archpup 12.04
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~Version 1204-2 (December 7, 2012 possible final update for 1204):
~- [[udev]] upgraded to version 175, which should fix problems with loading firmware modules. (Thanks mavrothal for help with compiling and testing udev package for this release)
~- Fixed [[SFS]] file association, and it's now possible to load SFS modules simply by clicking on them. For info see [[ tested SFS files thread]].
~- Added packer so you can search and install packages from Arch User Repository (AUR).
~- [[Geany]] upgraded to latest git-nightly.
~- Added packages in arch-base (krb5, libtasn1, p11-kit) required by cups.
~- New wallpaper...
~Version 1204-1 (bugfix release):
~-New graphical dialogs for creating savefile and changing wallpaper.
~-Kernel is upgraded to version 3.6.8, and compiled with same config as in [[Puppyprecise|Puppy precise]], except KMS that was disabled to prevent screen flicker during boot.
~-Added [[pet2sfs]] script which converts all pet packages in current directory to [[SFS]] module. Second argument you pass will be name of created SFS file,e.g. pet2sfs games, will extract pet packages and create games.sfs.
~- Support for loading 20 additional SFS modules.
~- [[Pwireless2]], wireless_tools, wpa_supplicant for connecting to wireless networks.

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