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ArchPup 13.2.1

ArchPup is very minimalistic Puppy Linux variant, built using Arch Linux packages. It comes with pacman installed and configured as default package manager. The window manager is OpenBox. Project created by simargl.

Archpup 12.12
Archpup 13.2 with XFCE

ArchPup 13.2.1 released 2013/02/11
Current changes/fixes:
  • Added linux-headers to IgnorePkg in pacman.conf
  • Removed Change wallpaper from menu.xml
  • Compiled new Qt package and got it 8.5MB smaller, iso size is now 141.6MB (reduced for almost 7MB)
  • Small modifications in gtk2 theme
  • Obshutdown is new logout dialog
  • lxrandr for setting screen resolutions

ArchPup 12.12
  • Upgraded to latest Arch Linux packages from December 2012
(glibc-2.16, gcc-4.7.2, linux-3.6.8, xorg-server-1.13.0, mesa-9.0.1...)
  • Moved squashfs-tools to main iso
  • Added grub4dos config
  • Fixed saving session on first reboot

Download for Sourceforge, more information on the Archpup thread:
Archpup 13.2 on Sourceforge
Archpup 13.2.1 thread

How to install

Window Managers
The default Window Managers is OpenBox, however a XFCE package is available. See the following thread-
adrv-xfce_132.sfs packaged by stifiling

Archpup on Puppy Forum

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