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====""ArchPup"" 13.2.1====
~**""ArchPup""** is very minimalistic Puppy Linux variant, built using Arch Linux packages. It comes with [[pacman]] installed and configured as default package manager. The [[WindowManager|window manager]] is [[OpenBox]]. Project created by [[simargl]].

~Archpup 12.12
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~//""ArchPup"" 13.2.1// released 2013/02/11
~~Current changes/fixes:
~~- Added linux-headers to IgnorePkg in [[pacman pacman.conf]]
~~- Removed Change wallpaper from menu.xml
~~- Compiled new [[Qt Qt package]] and got it 8.5MB smaller, iso size is now 141.6MB (reduced for almost 7MB)
~~- Small modifications in gtk2 theme
~~- Obshutdown is new logout dialog
~~- [[lxrandr]] for setting screen resolutions
~//""ArchPup"" 12.12//
~~- Upgraded to latest Arch Linux packages from December 2012
~~(glibc-2.16, gcc-4.7.2, linux-3.6.8, xorg-server-1.13.0, mesa-9.0.1...)
~~- Moved squashfs-tools to main iso
~~- Added grub4dos config
~~- Fixed saving session on first reboot

~Download for Sourceforge, more information on the Archpup thread:
~[[ Archpup 13.2 on Sourceforge]]
~[[ Archpup 13.2.1 thread]]

==How to install==
~Also see [[ Harddrive/USB installation post]]

==Window Managers==
~The default [[Window Managers|]] is OpenBox, however a [[XFCE]] package is available. See the following thread-
~[[ adrv-xfce_132.sfs]] packaged by [[stifiling]]

==Archpup on Puppy Forum==
~[[ Archpup 13.2.1 thread]]
~[[ Archpup 13.2 thread]]
~[[ Archpup pre 13.2 thread]]
~[[ Archpup 12.12 thread]]
~[[ Archpup 12.12 thread on alt forum]] - includes [[Frisbee]] SFS
~[[ Archpup thread]]
~[[ SFS files tested with ArchPup]]

==Related Webpages==
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