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====Art and Screenshots====
||{{image alt="Pet logo" title="small and fast puppy" url="" link="" width="120"}}
||{{image url="" title="art" alt="art" width="120" link=""}}
||{{image title="small and fast puppy" link="" url="" width="120"}} ||
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||{{image link="" url="" title="alpha 3" alt="alpha 3" width="120"}}||

==Artwork wallpapers, icons, logos==
[[ pacer106]] wallpaper examples
[[ futwerk]] examples in 'Eye candy' section
[[ Wallpapers]]
[[ widescreen wallpaper]]
[[ icon themes]]
~[[ Slacko logo]]

~[[ 5.3 first Youtube review]] from Icyos
~[[ Slacko Youtube intro]] from Lobster
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