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~**""BootFlash""** allows you to make a bootable usb flash drive installation of Puppy Linux. It is standard in most versions of Puppy Linux.

~Required is USB flash drive large enough to hold the Puppy version (usually 256M will do) and a bootable version of Puppy Linux. If no bootable version of Puppy is available [[UnetBootin]] can be used on Windows or Mac OS, or [[ follow this]] guide for Linux.

~**1.** Load up Puppy and click on- //Menu > Setup > Bootflash install Puppy to USB//

~**2.** Follow the instructions.

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**Combo and USB HDD-ZIP**
~Older versions of BootFlash (Puppy Slacko 5.31 and before) create an extra partition on the USB stick which is 128MB, this is too small for many modern Puppies. Newer version (Puppy Slacko 5.93 and after) create the extra partition of size 256MB.

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