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Bow Wow is the the unofficial language, 'Leet' or geek talk of Puppy

Barry/BarryK = Barry Kauler creator of Puppy Linux
Big dogs = bloated Linux / other major distros
Cynophilists = dog (puppy linux) lovers
CE = Community Edition of Puppy - usually one project leader but with input and support from the kennels
Do-ocracy = Individuals choose a task and do it. Responsibility is attached to those doing the task, as opposed to elected officials.
Dog Biscuits = cyber gratitude
Howl-To = Simple instructions on how to do something
Kaulets = prolific developers who try to emulate Barry and build a Puppy-based distro on their own, tweaking its internals. First of these was Nathan F working on grafpup. Then MU tried it for Muppy. Dougal and Pakt tried it for 2.14R.
Kennels = forum and the community - Greeting = 'Welcome to the kennels'
Lap Dog = Laptop running Puppy
MU = Mark Ulrich (Senior Developer)
Penguin = Linux user
Poodle = Puppy with all the bling
Pup = newbie / Pup derivative eg. Teenpup, TouTou
Puplet = Puppy derived distro
Puppification = Streamlining a task to make quick and easy-to-do
Puppy = Puppy Linux / Puppy User / original chihuahua dog mascot for Puppy Linux
Puppy Hopping = same as distro hopping except trying different puplets and Puppy versions
PawedCast = podcast - most are from Lobster PawedCast
Puppy Masters = Are now known as "senior developers" (Barry Kauler, Ttuuxxx, Jemimah, Micko, Larry (Playdayz), Warren, MarkUlrich
Puppytude/puppitude = Goodwill and good attitude in puppy
Rotwielers = legendary defenders of Puppy
Tin hats = Security obsessives
Tuxification = the process of becoming a penguin
Vincent = Barry's new dog
Woof woof = approval, greetings - greeting sequence = woof woof, bow wow, meow
Woofify = place woof builds on hardware
Wooflet = Build using Woof build system

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