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"YAP is awesome! Thanks for your work."

YAP sets up a virtual Buddhist Shrine
runs on Puppy 5.3.1
yin yang puppy

Latest News

New 2.1 version for Slacko Puppy 5.3.1 - It is now 41 MB (but that means it can be used off line for permenant 'prayer wheel alter' in background)
Pet not yet available so just drag the file into the zip icon and change the permissions of YAP-21 and run
New version coming any lifetime soon . . .

New for YAP v2.1 Oct 20 2011
Buddha images link for desktop and devotional reminder
1 and 10 minute meditations added
media player changed
zensound link added
HTML help info updated

The practices are in swf format (flash format)
So . . . you will need to install flash (easy from Quickpet or Slickpet)

I set this up for an Asus eeepc netbook powered shrine



Forum Thread
What is YAP?
Sets up a Customised Puppy in this case a Virtual Buddhist Shrine
powered by images and chanting to use as a meditative focal point

What does YAP do?
plays sounds to begin and end meditation
play videos
provide info
runs a chant 'tele-prompt'
runs meditations

Weeping Buddha
What if I run Microsoft Windows?
Heretic. We believe the wooden 'Weeping Buddha' in the pic is a Windows User

Why is it called YAP?
Maybe it should be called 'Yam along a ding dong'?
YAP is a tribute to Barry Kauler and the Puppy Linux developers
YAP is the mantra or sound a young dog (Puppy) makes when venerating the Buddha
Y.A.P. = YinYana Alter Program

Can I modify it to use Christian, Pagan or Spaghetti Monster images or to promote my group?
Yes as long as you provide the source code
So you could use it to promote your favourite charity, cybercafe
or pet interest . . .
swf files can be created in open office or wink
videos can be created on your camera and added

A front end introducing your puplet is easy to provide
. . . or you can just meditate . . .

Just click on YAP and it runs
the script can be edited in Geany

You wrote: "...a Buddhist ISO for running shrines, consecrating hardware..."
I'm very curious about this phrase. Are you actually using Linux software to assist in religious sense, in that you're performing some kind of ritual on the hardware itself?
Or are you using a metaphor to describe the installation of a Linux system on a computer which previously ran proprietary software?
The reason I ask: As a Christian, I am familiar with the concept of consecrating a "thing" for religious use (consecrating a church organ for use, as an example). And I'm quite familiar with setting up computer labs in churches which run Linux... which I suppose could be considered a kind of "consecration".
I was just curious as to the Buddhist aspects. I'm looking forward to your response.

Peace to you,

The way something is used denotes the type of attention it attracts.
The use of a shrine as a focus for chanting and meditation
and the display of Buddhist iconography is both a metaphor
for good will and intent, as well as a very real reminder.
If the open source software is modified to run Christian themed
images and inspiration, it then changes the nature of the interaction.
From a Buddhist perspective any organ used skilfully
to relieve suffering, is a Great Blessing.


What are the goals of YAP?
To provide an easy to alter inspiration for your projects

How was it made?
I decided to use ready made
Youtube videos, which I downloaded and converted into swf
using this service:

What Puppy versions has it been tested on?
I have tried it in Puppy 5.3, 2.17, Pupeee and Dingo
In full screen in 2.17 there is a flicker every few seconds which is gone in Puppy Dingo
Your hardware may be different
What hardware has it been tested on?
Puppy 5.3 version
Asus Eeepc 700 series netbook
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+
early versions
AMD Durun 1200mz with 512MB ram
Pentium 3 laptop with 192MB ram no hard drive (the shrine runner)

How can I autostart YAP?
put program/link in /root/Startup/ (Capital S)
Dingo has /root/Startup pre-existing, with an explanatory README

How does YAP 'benefits all Beings'?
It is designed to be easy to alter.
You can add videos and sound of your choice

Can images and other elements be easily altered?
Videos and sound files can easily be altered
#! /bin/bash
# YinYana Alter Program GPL v3 License
# YAP v 1.8 March 21 008
# created by Lobster for Tmxxine Vision and Sentient Beings Everywhere
# With thanks to Barry Kauler, Team Puppy, Mark Ulrich, mcewanw, Warren

export Vision='
<window title="YAP" window-position="1">
             <label>Cyberspace Blessing 1</label>
               <action>wavplay sound/cyberspace_1.wav &</action>
             <label>Cyberspace Blessing 2</label>
               <action>wavplay sound/cyberspace_2.wav &</action>
               <action>wavplay sound/tinsha.wav &</action>
              <label>Gong Burmese</label>
                 <action>wavplay sound/gong-burmese.wav &</action>
               <label>Gong Chinese</label>
                   <action>wavplay sound/gong-chinese.wav &</action>
          <menuitem stock="gtk-quit">
                <action>echo You selected the quit menu item</action>
                <action type="exit">exit by menu</action>
            <action>`Xdialog --wrap --screencenter --left --title "5 Element Meditation" --msgbox "This will start a simple twenty five minute elemental meditation suitable for universal usage. It is a simple technique. Only regular use will develop mind skills. Used for centuries as an esoteric warrior meditation, it is particulary suited to balance energies and focus and harmonise ones internal component elements. Keep your back straight and your mind attentive. \n\n OM YA HA HUM" 600x0`</action>
            <action>defaultbrowser file://`pwd`/videos/elements.swf &</action>
            <label>Elemental meditation</label>
            <action>defaultbrowser file://`pwd`/videos/mudra.swf &</action>
            <label>Mudra meditation</label>
                <action>`Xdialog --wrap --screencenter --left --title "Vajra" --msgbox "Vajrasattva. vajrasattva samayam anup&#257;laya \n om Vajrasattva! Preserve the bond! \n\n Vajrasattvatvenopati ha \n As Vajrasattva stand before me. \n\n dridho me bhava \n Be firm for me. \n\n sutoshyo me bhava \n Be greatly pleased for me. \n\n suposhyo me bhava \n Deeply nourish me \n\n anurakto me bhava \n Love me passionately \n\n sarva siddhi ma me prayaccha \n Grant me siddhi in all things, \n\n sarvakarmasu ca me citta &#347;reya kuru h&#363;m \n And in all actions make my mind most excellent. h&#363;m \n\n ha ha ha ha ho \n ha ha ha ha ho \n\n bhagavan sarvatath&#257;gatavajra m&#257; me muñka \n Blessed One! Vajra of all the tath&#257;gatas! Do not abandon me. \n\n vajr&#299; bhava mah&#257;samayasattva &#257;h (h&#363;m phat) \n Be the Vajra-bearer, Being of the Great Bond! &#257;h (h&#363;m phat)" 600x0`</action>
            <action>defaultbrowser file://`pwd`/videos/vajra.swf &</action>
                <action>defaultbrowser file://`pwd`/html/chant.html &</action>
                <action>defaultbrowser file://`pwd`/sound/tarafast.swf &</action>
            <label>21 Tara Praise Scroller</label>
            <label>Tara Mantra of Joy</label>
               <action>defaultbrowser file://`pwd`/videos/taraom.swf &</action>          
                 <label>Shingon Chant</label>
                      <action>flite "Welcome to Shingon"</action>
                     <action>`Xdialog --wrap --screencenter --left --title "Shingon Chant" --msgbox "Shingon. Keep your back straight and your mind attentive. \n\n OM YA HA HUM" 600x0`</action>
                      <action>defaultbrowser file://`pwd`/videos/shingon.swf &</action>
           <label>Basic Buddhism</label>
              <action>defaultbrowser file://`pwd`/html/basics.html &</action>
           <label>Shrine Building</label>
               <action>defaultbrowser file://`pwd`/html/shrine1.html &</action>
              <action>`Xdialog --wrap --screencenter --left --title "Meditation" --msgbox "Info on Meditation practice. Requires internet connection to view. Keep your mind attentive. \n\n OM YA HA HUM" 600x0`</action>
              <action>defaultbrowser &</action>
                    <action>`Xdialog --wrap --screencenter --left --title "Meditation" --msgbox "Info on Meditation practice. Requires internet connection to view. Keep your mind attentive. \n\n OM YA HA HUM" 600x0`</action>
            <label>On Meditation</label>
              <action>defaultbrowser &</action>
               <action>defaultbrowser file://`pwd`/html/faqs.html &</action>
         <input file>videos/animrainbow.gif</input>
       <text><label>YinYana Alter Practice</label></text>
       <text><label>March 21 2008</label></text>
        <button cancel></button>

gtkdialog3 --program Vision
unset Vision

Sit quietly and comfortably keeping your back straight if possible. Focus your attention gently on your breathing. Do this for a few minutes a day at first and then extend the time. Do not worry when your attention wanders and thoughts intrude. When you notice this, simply draw your attention back to your breathing. This is the basis of meditation practice.

Colours of Buddhism
Slax Linux Live CD for Buddhist language scholars
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