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====CPU Scaling Mod====
~The current CPU scaling default is to start in Performance mode if AC power is detected at startup, and Powersave mode if battery power is detected at startup.
~This mod starts in Powersave if battery power is detected, too, but if AC power is detected at startup it will revert to the power mode in use at the time of the last shutdown. If you run on a laptop and like Powersave mode at all times regardless of the power source in use, this mod will accomplish that.
~This is a test version. If you give this a try, please provide feedback as to whether or not this mod works as it should.
~Unpack the tar.gz. Inside is an install script, and an uninstall script to restore the original condition. View the readme.txt file before using.
~[[ Download link]]
~[[ CPU scaling mod thread]]
~To put Puppy into suspend mode(aka standby) the [[Acpitool]] may be useful, see the [[ Acpitool commandline ACPI status program thread]]
~[[ Acpitool command ACPI thread]]
~[[ Suspend script for laptops]]
~[[ Discussion of Suspend script]]

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