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aften [aften]
dirac [dirac]
faac [faac]
faad [faad]
flac [FLAC]
lame [lame]
libdca [libdca]
libfaac [libfaac]
libjpeg [libjpeg]
libmac [libmac]
libmad [libmad]
libogg [libogg]
libtheora [libtheora]
libvorbis [libvorbis]
libvpx [libvpx]
libxavs [libxavs]
neroaac [neroaac]
openjpeg [openjpeg]
opus [Opus]
opustools [opus-tools]
schroedinger [schroedinger]
voaacenc [vo-aacenc]
voamrwbenc [vo-amrwbenc]
wavpack [WavPack]
x264 [x264]
xvid [Xvid]

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