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This category contains links to pages about File Managers. When creating such pages include CategorySoftwareFileManager at the bottom of the page so that it will appear here.

The following 23 page(s) belong to CategoryFileManager

deb [Deb]
emelfm2 [emelFM2]
fstab [fstab]
HowtoAddSFStoFullInstall [HowtoAddSFStoFullInstall]
LinuxPartitionRepair [LinuxPartitionRepair]
MidnightCommander [MidnightCommander]
multimedia [Multimedia Filetypes]
RootFs [Linux Directory Structure (RootFS)]
ROXfiler [ROX Filer]
RoxMiniBuffer [RoxMiniBuffer]
SoftwareFilesystem [File-System Software Index]
spacefm [SpaceFM]
Startmount [Startmount]
SwapFileManager [SwapFileManager]
symlink [Symlink]
tgz [Tgz]
thunar [thunar]
TuxCommander [TuxCommander]
txz [Txz]
vifm [vifm]
Worker [Worker]
xfe [xfe]
xfm [xfm]

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