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Categorie Fr

The following 13 page(s) belong to CategoryFr

fr [fr]
FrAbiWord [AbiWord]
FrArchpup [ArchPup]
FrHomePage [Slacko 5.4 Slackware binaires]
FrHowto [Comment ├ža marche?]
FrLazyPuppy [LazY Puppy 5.2.8-4]
FrNewcomerHelp [FrNewcomerHelp]
FrPetihar54 [Petihar54]
FrPuppy54 [Slacko 5.4]
FrPuppyPrecise [Precise Puppy]
FrPuppyVersionIndex [Indice de la Puppy Versions]
FrUsers [FrUsers]
LanguageCodes [Language Codes]
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