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AddPanel [Add Panel to Puppy] AfterStep [Afterstep] AppsDesktop [.desktop files] ChangeWindowManager [ChangeWindowManager]
Compiz [Compiz window manager] Configure PuppyMenu [Configure PuppyMenu (JWM)] desktop [desktop] DesktopApplicationIntegration [DesktopApplicationIntegration]
DesktopEnvironments [Desktop Environments] DesktopIcons [DesktopIcons] DialogBoxes [DialogBoxes] Dwm [Dwm]
Echinus [Echinus] EDE [EDE] enlightenment [enlightenment] fbpanel [FbPanal]
FileManagers [File Managers] fluxbox [Fluxbox] Gnome [Gnome] GuiIndex [Graphic User Interface (GUI) Index]
icewm [IceWM] InternetMediaTypes [InternetMediaTypes] JoesWindowManager [JWM Installation and further information] jwm [JWM About]
JWMElements [JWM Configure Elements] JWMTesting [JWM Testing] KDE [KDE] lxde [LXDE]
Mate [Mate] MenuEntryMaker [MenuEntryMaker] MicrosoftMIMETypes [MicrosoftMIMETypes] Openbox [OpenBox]
OpenboxExtra [OpenBox + Extras] Panels [Panels] PekWM [pekwm] PShutdown [PupShutdown and Pshutdown]
PupApps [PupApps] PupClockSet [PupClockset] PuppyMenu [Puppy Menu] PuppyMessage [PuppyMessage]
Refresh PuppyMenu [Refresh PuppyMenu (JWM)] RoxApplicationDirectory [ROX Application Directories (ROX-App-Dirs)] ROXfiler [ROX Filer] RoxMiniBuffer [ROX Filer - Mini-Buffer]
tint2 [tint2] VirtualDesktops [VirtualDesktops] WbarInstall [Wbar] WindowManagers [Window Managers]
WindowManagersEffects [WindowManagersEffects] WMSwitcher [WMSwitcher] X [X Window System] xfce [Xfce]
Xlib [Xlib]

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Comment by darkcity
2011-06-24 09:11:16
I have made this Category to replace window managers category - as it is wider in scope and takes in both wm and desktop environments.
Comment by CrustyLobster
2011-07-09 06:17:53
@Darkcity - you made a comment about the page 'Puppy5' - that you did not see the point of the page - agreed - I deleted the page which also means the comment is gone
Comment by darkcity
2011-07-10 15:56:34
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