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coverseen [coverseen] exif [exif] exiftool [ExifTool]
exiv2 [Exiv2] fotoxx [Fotoxx] gCAD3D [gCAD3D]
geeqie [Geeqie] ghunter [ghunter] GImageView [GImageView]
gimp [GIMP] gphoto [gphoto] gpicview [GPicView]
graphics [graphics] gtkam [gtkam] imagemagick [imagemagick]
imlib2 [imlib2] InkLite [InkLite] Inkscape [Inkscape]
krita [krita] LazPaint [LazPaint] libexif [libexif]
libgphoto [libgphoto] libgphoto2 [libgphoto2] libjpeg [libjpeg]
libpng [libpng] librsvg [librsvg] libtiff [libtiff]
LightZone [LightZone] mtPaint [mtPaint] Mypaint [Mypaint]
openjpeg [openjpeg] PeasyPrint [PeasyPrint] Pictureviewer [Pictureviewer]
Plogo [PLogo] pupcamera [pupcamera] PuppySchoolArt [PuppySchoolArt]
scale2x [scale2x] Scribus [Scribus] SmillaEnlarger [SmillaEnlarger]
SoftwareGraphics [Graphics Sofware Index] UsingMtPaint [Using mtPaint] viewnior [viewnior]
XaraXtreme [XaraXtreme] XnConvert [XnConvert] xnview [xnview]

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