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Multilingual Puppy

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The following 19 page(s) belong to CategoryMultilingual

ChatRoomTranslate [Language Translations for IRC]
CompilingQtAndScimQtModules [CompilingQtAndScimQtModules]
CompilingScimPackages [Compiling Scim-bridge and Related Packages from Source]
Convert Puppy to Chinese [How to convert a Precise, Slacko or Raring Puppy to Chinese]
fbxkb [fbxkb]
GetScimWorkingAfterInstall [GetScimWorkingAfterInstall]
How to create a multilingual Puppy from English [How to create a multilingual Puppy from English]
HowToChangeAddKeyboardLayout [How to a Change or Add a Keyboard Layout]
HowToSetUpScim [Installing Scim and Related Packages]
InputDevices [Input Device Index]
KeyboardLayouts [Setting up alternative keyboard layouts]
LanguageCodes [Language Codes]
MakeScimWorkWithJavaAndTerminal [MakeScimWorkWithJavaAndTerminal]
MakeScimWorkWithQT [MakeScimWorkWithQT]
MoManager [MoManager]
NativeLanguageBackground [NativeLanguageBackground]
NativeLanguageSupport [Language Support Index]
ScimLanguagesAvailable [Language Options available with Scim]

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