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The following 754 page(s) belong to CategorySoftware

abcde [abcde]
AbiWord [AbiWord]
acpid [acpid]
AddPanel [Add Panel to Puppy]
AdobeAir [AdobeAir]
adobereader [Adobe Reader]
aften [aften]
AfterStep [Afterstep]
alien2puppy [alien2puppy]
Allegro [Allegro]
alsa [ALSA]
alsalib [alsa-lib]
alsamixer [AlsaMixer]
alsaplayer [alsaplayer]
alsautils [alsa-utils]
Amarok [Amarok]
Amaya [Amaya]
angryipscanner [angryipscanner]
Apache [Apache]
aqualung [Aqualung]
Arduino [Arduino]
Armadillo [Armadillo]
Arora [Arora]
AshCommands [AshCommands]
asunder [Asunder]
aterm [aterm]
ATIdriver [ATIdriver]
audacious [Audacious]
audacity [Audacity]
audiofile [Audio File Library]
Automake [Automake]
avast [avast]
avidemux [Avidemux]
Ayttm [Ayttm]
Azpainter [Azpainter]
Backup [Backup]
BaCon [BaCon]
bash [Bash]
bashburn [bashburn]
BibleTime [BibleTime]
BinaryCode [BinaryCode]
bleachbit [Bleachbit]
Blender [Blender]
Bluefish [Bluefish]
bluegriffon [bluegriffon]
Bombono [Bombono]
bones [bones]
BootManager [Boot Manager]
Bulldog finder [Bulldog finder]
busybox [busybox]
bzip2 [bzip2]
cabextract [cabextract]
cairo [cairo]
CategoryAdditionalSoftware [CategoryAdditionalSoftware]
cclive [cclive]
ccrtp [ccrtp]
ccrypt [ccrypt]
cdda2wav [cdda2wav]
cddiscid [cd-discid]
cdparanoia [cdparanoia]
cdrdao [cdrdao]
cdrkit [cdrkit]
celestia [celestia]
ChatZilla [ChatZilla]
chkrootkit [chkrootkit]
Chrome [Google Chrome]
chromium [Chromium]
cifsutils [cifs-utils]
CineLerra [CineLerra]
CiWiki [CiWiki]
clamav [ClamAV]
Clementine [Clementine]
ClipBoard [Clip Boards]
ClipIt [ClipIt]
cmake [CMake]
cmus [cmus]
CommandLinePrograms [List of Command Line programs]
commoncpp [commoncpp]
CompilingQtAndScimQtModules [CompilingQtAndScimQtModules]
CompilingScimPackages [Compiling Scim-bridge and Related Packages from Source]
copy [Copy]
coreutils [CoreUtils]
coverseen [coverseen]
cpuid [cpuid]
createsfs [createsfs]
CrimsonFields [CrimsonFields]
cronopete [cronopete]
csync [csync]
cups [CUPS (Common Unix Print System)]
CupsPDF [CupsPDF]
curl [curl]
darktable [darktable]
datacrow [datacrow]
dbus [D-Bus]
dbusglib [dbus-glib]
dd [dd]
ddrescue [ddrescue]
deadbeef [DeadBeef]
deb [Deb]
deb2pet [deb2pet]
debs2pkg [debs2pkg]
Dependency [Dependency]
devede [devede]
devx [devx]
dhcpcd [dhcpcd]
dict [dict]
DidiWiki [DidiWiki]
digikam [digiKam]
Dillo [Dillo]
dir2pet [dir2pet]
dirac [dirac]
dmidecode [dmidecode]
dosfstools [dosfstools]
DoubleDOS [DoubleDOS]
dri2proto [dri2proto]
DropBox [DropBox]
dvdauthor [DVDAuthor]
dvdmediainfo [dvdmediainfo]
DVDStyler [DVDStyler]
e2fsprogs [e2fsprogs]
e3 [e3]
EasyPackage [EasyPackage]
easytag [EasyTAG]
easywall [easywall]
EditInitrd [Edit initrd.gz (GUI)]
efax [efax]
ekiga [ekiga]
ELinks [ELinks]
Emacs [Emacs]
emelfm2 [emelFM2]
Enigma [Enigma]
enigmail [enigmail]
enlightenment [enlightenment]
epdfview [epdfview]
esound [Enlightened Sound Daemon]
eSword [eSword]
Eudora [Eudora]
exaile [exaile]
exif [exif]
exiftool [ExifTool]
exiv2 [Exiv2]
exo [exo]
expat [expat]
extundelete [extundelete]
faac [faac]
faad [faad]
fbreader [FBReader]
fbxkb [fbxkb]
FFConvert [FFConvert]
ffmpeg [FFmpeg]
file [File]
FileTypes [File Types Index]
FileZilla [FileZilla]
FireDog [FireDog]
firefox [Firefox]
flac [FLAC]
FlashExtractor [FlashExtractor]
flashrom [flashrom]
FlockBrowser [FlockBrowser]
fltk [fltk]
fluxbox [Fluxbox]
fontconfig [fontconfig]
fonts [Font links]
fotoxx [Fotoxx]
fox [fox]
FoxitReader [Foxit Reader]
fprot [fprot]
FreeCall [FreeCall]
freeglut [freeglut]
freemind [freemind]
freetype [FreeType]
Frisbee [Frisbee]
fxmoviemanager [fxmoviemanager]
galculator [galculator]
Gambas [Gambas]
gcc [GNU Compiler Collection]
gconf [gconf]
geany [Geany]
Gedit [Gedit]
geeqie [Geeqie]
GetFlash [GetFlash]
getlibreoffice [Get LibreOffice]
gettext [gettext]
gHasher [gHasher]
ghemical [ghemical]
Ghostscript [Ghostscript]
ghunter [ghunter]
GImageView [GImageView]
gimp [GIMP]
Git [Git]
github [GitHub]
glib [glib]
glibc [GlibC (GNU libc)]
Glipper [Glipper]
gmeasures [gmeasures]
gmp [gmp]
gnash [Gnash]
GnewPet [GnewPet]
GnomeMPlayer [Gnome MPlayer]
GnuCash [GnuCash]
gnumeric [gnumeric]
gnupg [GNU Privacy Guard]
gnuplot [Gnuplot]
gnutls [GnuTLS]
goffice [goffice]
gogglesmm [gogglesmm]
gongetit [gongetit]
GoogleEarth [GoogleEarth]
GParted [GParted]
gphoto [gphoto]
gpicview [GPicView]
Grafpup [Grafpup]
Grandr [Grandr]
grep [GNU grep]
GrFirefox [Firefox]
Grisbi [Grisbi]
grsync [gRsync]
Grub4DosConfig [Grub4DosConfig]
GrWoof [Woof]
GSmartControl [GSmartControl]
gstreamer [Gstreamer]
gthumb [gThumb]
gtk [GTK+]
gtkam [gtkam]
gtkdialog [GtkDialog]
GtkHash [GtkHash]
GtkLp [GtkLp]
GtkLpq [GtkLpq]
Gtkmm [Gtkmm]
GtkSpell [GtkSpell]
GtkYoutubeViewer [Gtk Youtube Viewer]
gutenprint [Gutenprint]
Gxine [gxine]
gzip [GNU Gzip]
handbrake [HandBrake]
hdparm [hdparm]
Hiawatha [Hiawatha]
HiawathaServerMySQL [Hiawatha Server MySQL]
homebank [homebank]
htop [htop]
httpseverywhere [HTTPS Everywhere]
iCalendar [iCalendar]
icecat [GNU IceCat]
icedax [icedax]
icewm [IceWM]
imagemagick [imagemagick]
imagination [Imagination]
imlib2 [imlib2]
InkLite [InkLite]
Inkscape [Inkscape]
intltool [intltool]
Iperf [Iperf]
iptables [iptables]
ISOMaster [ISO Master]
jack [JACK Jack Audio Connection Kit]
jar [jar]
JavaRuntimeEnvironment [Java Runtime Environment]
JoesWindowManager [JWM Installation and further information]
KdenLive [KdenLive]
keepnote [KeepNote]
kino [kino]
KMyMoney [KMyMoney]
KOffice [KOffice]
krita [krita]
LADSPA audio effects [LADSPA audio effects]
lame [lame]
LazPaint [LazPaint]
LazyPuppyFamily [LazyPuppyFamily]
leafpad [Leafpad]
liba52 [liba52]
libaacplus [libaacplus]
libaacs [libaacs]
libao [libao]
libasound [libasound]
libass [libass]
libatspi [libatspi]
libaudio [libaudio]
libav [libav]
libbluray [libbluray]
libburn [libburn]
libcddb [libcddb]
libcdio [libcdio]
libdb [libdb]
libdc1394 [libdc1394]
libdca [libdca]
libdiscid [libdiscid]
libdrm [libdrm]
libdvdcss [libdvdcss]
libdvdread [libdvdread]
libevent [libevent]
libexif [libexif]
libfaac [libfaac]
libferris [libferris]
libffado [libffado]
libffi [libffi]
libflashplayer [libflashplayer for Adobe Flash]
libfontconfig [libfontconfig]
libgadu [libgadu]
libgcrypt [libgcrypt]
libgoffice [libgoffice]
libgpgerror [libgpgerror]
libgphoto [libgphoto]
libgphoto2 [libgphoto2]
libgsf [libgsf]
libgstinterfaces [libgstinterfaces]
libgstreamer [libgstreamer]
libgtkhtml [libgtkhtml]
libical [libical]
libice [libice]
libiconv [libiconv]
libidn [libidn]
libisofs [libisofs]
libjbig [libjbig]
libjpeg [libjpeg]
liblrdf [liblrdf]
libmac [libmac]
libmad [libmad]
libmagic [libmagic]
libmms [libmms]
libmodplug [libmodplug]
libmpg123 [libmpg123]
libnotify [libnotify]
libofx [libofx]
libogg [libogg]
liboggz [liboggz]
liboil [liboil]
libpciaccess [libpciaccess]
libpixman [libpixman]
libpng [libpng]
libqtcore [libqtcore]
libqtgui [libqtgui]
libquicktime [libquicktime]
libraw [libraw]
libraw1394 [libraw1394]
libreoffice [LibreOffice]
librsvg [librsvg]
librtmp [RTMPDump]
libsndfile [libsndfile]
libsoup [libsoup]
libssh2 [libssh2]
libssl [libssl]
libtheora [libtheora]
libtiff [libtiff]
libunique [libunique]
libusb [libusb]
libvoaacenc [libvoaacenc]
libvorbis [libvorbis]
libvpx [libvpx]
libxau [libxau]
libxavs [libxavs]
libxcb [libxcb]
libxext [libxext]
libxfce4util [libxfce4util]
libxfcegui4 [libxfcegui4]
libxml2 [libxml2]
libXss [libXss]
libXt [libXt]
libxv [libxv]
LightSwordAlarm [LightSwordAlarm]
LightZone [LightZone]
linaroimagetools [linaroimagetools]
linux-libre [GNU Linux-libre]
LinXtris [LinXtris]
littlecms [Little CMS]
lsdvd [lsdvd]
lua [Lua]
LucidPuppyQuickpet [Links for Lucid Quick Pet]
LupufySlacko [LupufySlacko]
lxdvdrip [lxdvdrip]
lxml [lxml]
lxmusic [lxmusic]
LxRandr [LxRandr]
LXTask [LXTask]
LXTerminal [LXTerminal]
Lynx [Lynx]
lyx [LyX]
lzip [lzip]
lzlib [lzlib]
make [GNU Make]
mathomatic [mathomatic]
Maxima [Maxima]
md5sum [md5sum]
mdbviewerplus [mdbviewerplus]
Memonaut [Memonaut]
MenuEntryMaker [MenuEntryMaker]
mercurial [mercurial]
mesa [Mesa]
Mg [Mg]
mhwaveedit [mhwaveedit]
MidnightCommander [MidnightCommander]
Midori [Midori]
mingetty [mingetty]
minimp3 [minimp3]
MinimumProfit [MinimumProfit]
Minitube [Minitube]
minopsos [minopsos]
mkisofs [mkisofs]
mlt [mlt]
mocplayer [mocplayer]
MoreBrowsers [More Browsers]
Mounting [Mounting]
movgrab [movgrab]
MP3Gain [MP3Gain]
mp3splt [mp3splt]
mpg321 [mpg321]
mplayer [MPlayer]
mplayer2 [mplayer2]
mtCellEdit [mtCellEdit]
mtPaint [mtPaint]
MuseScore [MuseScore]
mycrop [mycrop]
Mypaint [Mypaint]
Nano [Nano]
nas [nas]
ncurses [ncurses]
neroaac [neroaac]
nettle [Nettle]
Newsbeuter [Newsbeuter]
Nginx [Nginx]
NicoEdit [NicoEdit]
nmap [Nmap]
noscript [NoScript]
NoteCase [NoteCase]
NtEd [NtEd]
ntfs3g [NTFS-3G]
NumlockX [Numlockx]
numpy [Numpy]
nut [NUT]
nwipe [nwipe]
OCRopus [OCRopus]
ooo4kids [ 4 Kids]
ooolight [ Light]
openal [OpenAl]
Openbox [OpenBox]
OpenboxExtra [OpenBox + Extras]
opencards [opencards]
opencoreamr [opencoreamr]
opencpn [opencpn]
openjpeg [openjpeg]
openldap [openldap]
openmeetings [openmeetings]
openoffice [OpenOffice]
openshot [openshot]
OpenSSH [OpenSSH]
openssl [openssl]
opera [Opera]
opus [Opus]
opustools [opus-tools]
Osmo [Osmo]
p7zip [p7zip]
pacman [pacman]
paco [paco]
Pango [Pango]
parcellite [Parcellite]
Partclone [Partclone]
parted [GNU Parted]
partedmagic [PartedMagic GNU/Linux]
partimage [partimage]
passwd [passwd]
Pburn [Pburn]
pcdripper [PCdRipper]
pcmanfm [PCManFM]
pdf2svg [pdf2svg]
PeasyPDF [PeasyPDF]
PeasyPrint [PeasyPrint]
Peasyscan [Peasyscan]
peazip [PeaZip]
PekWM [pekwm]
Pencil [Pencil]
Perl [Perl]
petmaker [PetMaker]
Pfilesearch [pFilesearch]
Pfind [Pfind]
PFont2 [PFont2]
photorec [photorec]
Picker [Picker]
Pictureviewer [Pictureviewer]
pidgin [Pidgin]
pixman [pixman]
Plogo [PLogo]
Pmenu [Pmenu]
pmusic [About ◦ Documentation ◦ Install ◦Forum ◦ Index ◦ Disclaimer]
pmusicAbout [About]
pmusicChangelog [Changelog]
pmusicDisclaimer [Disclaimer]
pmusicDoc [Documentation]
pmusicDocMetatags [Metatags]
pmusicDocSearch [Searching in pMusic]
pmusicFrontends [Frontends]
pmusicHistory [History]
pmusicInstall [Install]
poedit [poedit]
polarssl [polarssl]
polipo [Polipo]
polp [polp]
poppler [Poppler]
PortaBase [PortaBase]
PortAudio [Port Audio]
porteus [Porteus GNU/Linux]
PPlog [pplog]
PPM [Puppy Package Manager (PPM)]
Precord [Precord]
PrintingViaWindows [PrintingViaWindows]
priv3 [Priv3]
procps [procps]
Psync [Psync]
pulseaudio [PulseAudio]
Pup4DOS [Boot Puppy Linux With Pup4DOS]
pupcamera [pupcamera]
PupControl [PupControl]
puppy-rsync [puppy-rsync]
PuppyBrowser [PuppyBrowser]
PuppySoftwareList [Puppy Software List]
PuppyUniversalInstaller [PuppyUniversalInstaller]
PupsaveBackup [PupSave Backup]
pvideo [pvideo]
Pwidgets [Pwidgets]
PwidgetsWeather [PwidgetsWeather]
Pwireless [Pwireless2]
pygtk [PyGtk]
python [Python]
qdvdauthor ['Q' DVD-Author]
qemu [QEMU]
qmake [qmake]
qpdfview [qpdfview]
qt [Qt]
QTractor [Qtractor]
QuickPet [QuickPet/ SlickPet]
quvi [quvi]
Radar [Radar]
rakarrack [rakarrack]
rar [RAR]
readline [readline]
RealPlayer [RealPlayer]
RedNotebook [Rednotebook]
reglookup [reglookup]
remmina [Remmina]
Repositories [Repositories]
Retrovol [Retrovol]
Right-click menu options [Right-click menu options]
ripperx [Ripperx]
roaraudio [roaraudio]
rosegarden [rosegarden]
RoxAppBuilder [RoxAppBuilder]
ROXfiler [ROX Filer]
RoxMiniBuffer [ROX Filer - Mini-Buffer]
RSHsScriptBox [RSHsScriptBox]
rssowl [RSSOwl]
rsync [rsync]
rwall [rwall]
rxvt [rxvt]
RxvtUnicode [RxvtUnicode]
safecopy [safecopy]
SageLivePup [SageLivePup]
Samba [Samba]
scale2x [scale2x]
schroedinger [schroedinger]
Scribus [Scribus]
scripts [scripts]
SDL [Simple DirectMedia Layer]
seahaven [seahaven]
seamonkey [SeaMonkey]
secretrabbitcode [secretrabbitcode]
sed [sed]
SFSCombiner [SFS_Combiner]
SFSConvertor [SFS Convertor]
SFSdirloader [SFSdirloader]
SFSget [SFSget]
SFSLoad [SFS_load]
SfsPlus [SfsPlus]
sha1sum [sha1sum]
Shell [Shell]
Shotwell [Shotwell]
SimpleNetworkSetup [SimpleNetworkSetup]
Skype [Skype]
SmillaEnlarger [SmillaEnlarger]
SMPlayer [SMPlayer]
SoftMakerOffice [SoftMaker Office]
SoftwareAncient [Ancient Software Index]
SoftwareDesktop [Desktop Software Index]
SoftwareDetails [Software Development Details]
SoftwareDevelopment [Development Software Index]
SoftwareDisclaimer [Software Disclaimer]
SoftwareEngineering [Engineering and Scientific Software Index]
SoftwareGames [Games Software Index]
SoftwareGraphics [Graphics Sofware Index]
SoftwareIndex [Software Index]
SoftwareInternet [Internet Software Index]
SoftwareMultimedia [Multimedia Software Index]
SoftwareNetwork [Network Software Index]
SoftwareOffice [Office Software Index]
SoftwarePackageCreation [Software Package Creation]
SoftwareSecurity [Security Software Index]
SoftwareSystem [System Software Index]
SourceCode [SourceCode]
sox [sox]
spacefm [SpaceFM]
SpaceZero [SpaceZero]
sqlite [SQLite]
SQLiteStudio [SQLiteStudio]
squashfs [Squashfs]
SquashfsPuppy1 [SquashFS for Puppy1]
src2pkg [src2pkg]
SRWareIron [Iron Browser]
Startmount [Startmount]
StayConnectedToInternet [Stay Connected To Internet]
stellarium [Stellarium]
strace [strace]
strip [strip]
SwapFileManager [Swap File Manager]
Sylpheed [Sylpheed]
symlink [Symlink]
syslinux [The Syslinux Project]
taglib [TagLib]
Tano [Tano]
tar [tar]
tea [Tea]
TeamSpeak [TeamSpeak]
teamtalk [teamtalk]
teamviewer [About TeamViewer]
ted [Ted]
tellico [Tellico]
TemplateSoftware [TemplateSoftware]
TesseractOCR [TesseractOCR]
testdisk [TestDisk]
TexText [TexText]
TextMaker [TextMaker]
tgz [Tgz]
TheManaWorld [TheManaWorld]
theWord [theWord]
thoggen [thoggen]
thunar [Thunar]
thunderbird [Thunderbird]
TightVNC [TightVNC]
timidity [timidity]
tor [How to install and use Tor for network privacy]
torchat [TorChat]
transcode [transcode]
transmission [Transmission]
Tree [Tree]
triplaneclassic [triplaneclassic]
truecrypt [TrueCrypt]
TuxCommander [TuxCommander]
twinkle [twinkle]
txz [Txz]
uclibc [uclibc]
udev [Udev]
umplayer [umplayer]
unison [unison]
units [GNU Units]
UnPet [UnPet]
unrar [UnRAR]
unzip [unzip]
Urxvt [Urxvt]
UsingAbiWord [UsingAbiWord]
UsingAbiWordWithPuppy1 [UsingAbiWordWithPuppy1]
util-linux [util-linux]
utillinux [utillinux]
utvideo [UtVideo]
v4lutils [v4lutils]
valgrind [valgrind]
VariCAD [VariCAD]
VarioMenu [VarioMenu]
Vattery [Vattery]
Vi [Vi]
VideoConvertors [VideoConvertors]
viewnior [viewnior]
vifm [vifm]
virtualbox [VirtualBox]
virtualdub [virtualdub]
VirtualMagnifyingGlass [VirtualMagnifyingGlass]
vlc [VLC]
vlcgtk [VLC-GTK]
VMwarePlayer [VMwarePlayer]
voaacenc [vo-aacenc]
voamrwbenc [vo-amrwbenc]
vobcopy [vobcopy]
vorbistools [vorbis-tools]
watchtowerlibrary [watchtowerlibrary]
wavpack [WavPack]
WavRec [WavRec]
WbarInstall [Wbar]
WebKitGTK [WebKitGTK]
WeeChat [WeeChat]
wget [Wget]
Wiki [Wiki]
Wikka [Wikka Wiki]
WildMidi [WildMidi]
wine [WINE]
winetricks [winetricks]
wipefreespace [wipefreespace]
Woof [Woof]
WoofCE [Woof CE (community editon)]
Woofy [Woofy]
Worker [Worker]
wxsvg [wxsvg]
wxwidgets [wxwidgets]
x264 [x264]
XaraXtreme [XaraXtreme]
xboard [xboard]
xchat [X-Chat]
Xdelta [Xdelta]
xdialog [Xdialog]
Xdialog examples [Xdialog examples]
xephem [xephem]
xf86videoati [xf86-video-ati]
xfburn [Xfburn]
xfce [Xfce]
xfe [xfe]
xfm [xfm]
xineDVD [XineDVD]
xinelib [xine-lib]
Xiphos [Xiphos]
xmorph [xmorph]
XnConvert [XnConvert]
xnview [xnview]
Xpad [Xpad]
xproto [xproto]
xRandr [xRandr]
Xsane [Xsane]
xvid [Xvid]
xz [XZ Utils]
yad [yad]
Yasm [Yasm]
Ycalc [Ycalc]
YourFreedom [Your Freedom]
youtubedl [youtube-dl]
zarfy [zarfy]
zenity [zenity]
zerofree [zerofree]
zip [ZIP]
zlib [zlib]
zotero [Zotero]

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