This category contains hyperlinks to pages containing packages of software libraries. They are libraries and not programs. Libraries are used directly by the operating system and not the user. When creating such pages include ''CategorySoftwareLibraries'' at the bottom of each page so that the page will automatically appear here.

The following 163 page(s) belong to CategorySoftwareLibraries

AdobeAir [AdobeAir] aften [aften] Allegro [Allegro] alsalib [alsa-lib] Armadillo [Armadillo] audiofile [Audio File Library]
cairo [cairo] ccrtp [ccrtp] commoncpp [commoncpp] curl [curl] dbus [D-Bus] dirac [dirac]
exo [exo] ffmpeg [FFmpeg] flac [FLAC] fltk [fltk] fontconfig [fontconfig] fox [fox]
freeglut [freeglut] FreeImage [FreeImage] freetype [FreeType] gconf [gconf] gettext [gettext] glib [glib]
glibc [GlibC (GNU libc)] gmp [gmp] gnutls [GnuTLS] goffice [goffice] gtk [GTK+] GtkSpell [GtkSpell]
imlib2 [imlib2] lame [lame] Latex [Latex] liba52 [liba52] libaacplus [libaacplus] libaacs [libaacs]
libao [libao] libasound [libasound] libass [libass] libatspi [libatspi] libaudio [libaudio] libav [libav]
libbluray [libbluray] libburn [libburn] libcddb [libcddb] libcdio [libcdio] libdb [libdb] libdc1394 [libdc1394]
libdca [libdca] libdrm [libdrm] libdvdcss [libdvdcss] libdvdread [libdvdread] libevent [libevent] libexif [libexif]
libfaac [libfaac] libferris [libferris] libffado [libffado] libffi [libffi] libflashplayer [libflashplayer for Adobe Flash] libfontconfig [libfontconfig]
libgadu [libgadu] libgcrypt [libgcrypt] libgoffice [libgoffice] libgpgerror [libgpgerror] libgphoto [libgphoto] libgphoto2 [libgphoto2]
libgsf [libgsf] libgstinterfaces [libgstinterfaces] libgstreamer [libgstreamer] libgtkhtml [libgtkhtml] libical [libical] libice [libice]
libiconv [libiconv] libidn [libidn] libisofs [libisofs] libjbig [libjbig] libjpeg [libjpeg] liblrdf [liblrdf]
libmac [libmac] libmad [libmad] libmagic [libmagic] libmms [libmms] libmodplug [libmodplug] libmpg123 [libmpg123]
libnotify [libnotify] libofx [libofx] libogg [libogg] liboggz [liboggz] liboil [liboil] libpciaccess [libpciaccess]
libpixman [libpixman] libpng [libpng] libqtcore [libqtcore] libqtgui [libqtgui] libquicktime [libquicktime] libraw [libraw]
libraw1394 [libraw1394] librsvg [librsvg] librtmp [RTMPDump] libsndfile [libsndfile] libsoup [libsoup] libssh2 [libssh2]
libssl [libssl] libstdcplusplus [libstdc++] libtheora [libtheora] libtiff [libtiff] libunique [libunique] libusb [libusb]
libvoaacenc [libvoaacenc] libvorbis [libvorbis] libvpx [libvpx] libxau [libxau] libxavs [libxavs] libxcb [libxcb]
libxext [libxext] libxfce4util [libxfce4util] libxfcegui4 [libxfcegui4] libxml2 [libxml2] libXt [libXt] libxv [libxv]
lxml [lxml] lzlib [lzlib] mesa [Mesa] mpg321 [mpg321] ncurses [ncurses] nettle [Nettle]
numpy [Numpy] openal [OpenAl] opencoreamr [opencoreamr] openjpeg [openjpeg] openldap [openldap] openssl [openssl]
opus [Opus] opustools [opus-tools] Pango [Pango] PCRE [PCRE] pdf2svg [pdf2svg] pixman [pixman]
polarssl [polarssl] poppler [Poppler] pygtk [PyGtk] qt [Qt] readline [readline] schroedinger [schroedinger]
SDL [Simple DirectMedia Layer] secretrabbitcode [secretrabbitcode] SoftwareSystem [System Software Index] sqlite [SQLite] taglib [TagLib] TexText [TexText]
uclibc [uclibc] utvideo [UtVideo] voaacenc [vo-aacenc] voamrwbenc [vo-amrwbenc] wavpack [WavPack] wxsvg [wxsvg]
wxwidgets [wxwidgets] x264 [x264] xinelib [xine-lib] Xlib [Xlib] xvid [Xvid] Yasm [Yasm]
zlib [zlib]

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