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abcde [abcde] alsalib [alsa-lib] alsautils [alsa-utils] aqualung [Aqualung] audacious [Audacious]
audacity [Audacity] avidemux [Avidemux] cairo [cairo] ccrypt [ccrypt] cifsutils [cifs-utils]
clamav [ClamAV] cmus [cmus] curl [curl] digikam [digiKam] dosfstools [dosfstools]
e2fsprogs [e2fsprogs] efax [efax] ekiga [ekiga] fbreader [FBReader] ffmpeg [FFmpeg]
flac [FLAC] fontconfig [fontconfig] fonts [Font links] fotoxx [Fotoxx] freetype [FreeType]
gcc [GNU Compiler Collection] geeqie [Geeqie] gimp [GIMP] glib [glib] gnupg [GNU Privacy Guard]
gnutls [GnuTLS] grep [GNU grep] gthumb [gThumb] gzip [GNU Gzip] handbrake [HandBrake]
htop [htop] httpseverywhere [HTTPS Everywhere] icecat [GNU IceCat] imagination [Imagination] Inkscape [Inkscape]
keepnote [KeepNote] krita [krita] leafpad [Leafpad] libburn [libburn] libdrm [libdrm]
libogg [libogg] libreoffice [LibreOffice] libusb [libusb] libvpx [libvpx] libxml2 [libxml2]
linux-libre [GNU Linux-libre] lyx [LyX] make [GNU Make] mesa [Mesa] mhwaveedit [mhwaveedit]
mp3splt [mp3splt] mplayer [MPlayer] Mypaint [Mypaint] noscript [NoScript] ntfs3g [NTFS-3G]
nut [NUT] opustools [opus-tools] parcellite [Parcellite] pidgin [Pidgin] pixman [pixman]
poppler [Poppler] porteus [Porteus GNU/Linux] priv3 [Priv3] pulseaudio [PulseAudio] pvideo [pvideo]
qpdfview [qpdfview] remmina [Remmina] rssowl [RSSOwl] Scribus [Scribus] SoftMakerOffice [SoftMaker Office]
spacefm [SpaceFM] sqlite [SQLite] stellarium [Stellarium] syslinux [The Syslinux Project] tar [tar]
teamtalk [teamtalk] ted [Ted] tellico [Tellico] testdisk [TestDisk] tor [How to install and use Tor for network privacy]
torchat [TorChat] transmission [Transmission] truecrypt [TrueCrypt] util-linux [util-linux] virtualbox [VirtualBox]
watchtowerlibrary [watchtowerlibrary] wine [WINE] xchat [X-Chat] xf86videoati [xf86-video-ati] youtubedl [youtube-dl]
zlib [zlib] zotero [Zotero]

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