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ChatZilla is a plugin for Firefox or SeaMonkey that enable IRC (Instant Relay Chat).

Setup Puppy IRC
ChatZilla is not included with the "1.8b1.5" Mozilla release included with recent versions. Although it could be installed later.

Install it with an existing Firefox, Mozilla, or SeaMonkey install (if needed):
Get it started:
  1. Run Chatzilla (via Window menu and under IRC Chat or icon in bottom left corner)
  2. Type /attach
  3. Type /join #puppylinux

Or you can create a bookmark for the Puppy Linux channel by editing an existing bookmark that you don't want anymore:
  1. Bookmarks menu -> Manage Bookmarks
  2. Right-click the bookmark to be replaced
  3. Select 'Properties'
  4. Replace the old name with something like: Puppy Linux IRC Chatroom
  5. Replace the Location with irc://
  6. Click 'OK' to save changes and there you go!

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