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====Google Chrome====
~Google Chrome is Google's packaged version of the [[Chromium]] open source web-browser project.
~Then install an appropriate Chrome package:
~~[[ Portable Google Chrome (thread)]] - installer created by [[SFS]]
~~[[ Google Chrome 32 PET/SFS (thread)]] packaged for [[Wheezy]], [[Precise]] and [[Upup]] packaged by [[OscarTalks]] - for Slacko 5.6 see [[ thread]]
~~[[ Google Chrome 24 pet (thread)]] packaged by [[Sheepy]]
~~[[ Google Chrome 21 (thread)]] for [[Slacko]] packaged by [[playdayz]]
~~[[ Google Chrome (page)]] for Puppy 4.31 JP
~~[[ Google Chrome 10 (thread)]] for [[Puppy431|Puppy 4.31]] packaged by [[wolfe]]

~Sometimes packaged seperately:

==Installation on Puppy Lucid 5.2x==
~1. First, please uninstall any Iron, Chromium, or Chrome pets.
~2. Second, install this libgconf2-4_3.1.6 pet.
~3. Then install an appropriate Chrome package:
~~[[ Google Chrome 19-2 for Lucid]] packaged by [[playdayz]]
~~[[ Google Chrome 13 pet for Lucid]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Chromium]] - same browser without google branding

== Related Webpages ==
~[[ Google-Chrome beta 2]] - packaged by [[Wolfe]]
~[[ Chrome tweaks]]
~[[ Differences between Google Chrome and Linux distro Chromium]]

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