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[[ Cluster Pup v2, by Master_wrong]]- Puppy 5.2 + Beowolf, pxe boot
Possibility to make your own 64 bit cluster....

old threads by Everitt, & NickBiker, both toying with Cluster computing using Puppy

Anyone interested, & know anything about clustering/xen paravirtualisation?

big_bass's Slaxer_pup with SMP enabled & Barry has suggested SCSI booting is still a future possible, it got me thinking about clustering again [old servers needing a purpose Wink ]

Please, not Wolfpup's boinc pet, - interesting though it is - I'm not thinking of Ceti or bio-research - but maybe a paravirtual xen environment sitting on a cluster of older kit, maybe for fast compiling? rendering or multitrack audio/video editing/publishing etc

This is nice...

Good info here

& this is way ahead of its time....."Updated November 5, 2009" - oh really?


Xen clustering
more info
useful pdf
more modern hardware kit
Got a few bob? - Microwulf - shame about the final med spam.....

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