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==== Command Line and Terminal Inferface Index ====
~Information about how-to use different aspects of the command line (also referred to as Shell, Terminal, Console and CLI)

==Further information==
~[[CommandlinePrograms CommandLine software list]]
~[[BashQuickTips BASH quick tips]]
~[[HowToCopyFromTerminal How to copy and paste from terminal]]
~**""CommandLine Shells (CLI)""**
~[[Shell About Shells]]
~[[BusyBox]] - Linux utilities all-in one
~**Linux Environment Variables**
~##env## - this command lists all the variables present

==Specific commands==
~**Filesystem Utilities**
~[[e2fsck]] - ext2/3/4 filesystem check (part of [[e2fsprogs]])
~[[find]] - search for files using various parameters
~[[rsync]] - incremental file transfer
~**File Checks**
~[[md5sum]] - hash check
~[[sha1sum]] - hash check
~[[rdate]] - set date via internet

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[e2fsprogs]] - ""Ext2/3/4"" Filesystem Utilities
~[[xev]] - monitor inputs and events

==Related Webpages==
~//**Online Commandlines**//
~[[ Basic Shell (Console) operation for beginners]]
~[[ The Text-User Interface]]
~[[ Learning the shell]]
~[[ Bash Introduction]]
~[[ Most popular commands by vote]]
~[[ Command-line interface tutorial (youtube)]]
~[[ Puppy Linux reference card]] - created by [[aragon]]
~[[ Introduction to the Unix shell for biologists]]
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