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====List of Command Line programs====

~[[Scale2jpg]] simple command to scale jpeg files [[ forum thread]]

~[[elinks]] for browsing [[ forum page]]
~[[mcabber]] for chat [[ forum page]]
~[[newsbeuter]] as rss-reader [[ forum page]]
~[[snownews]] as rss-reader [[ forum page]]
~[[wget]] download files from the internet
~[[yafc]] for ftp [[ forum page]]

~[[ashmusic]] -music player [[ forum page]],
~[[ashplayer]] - play music [[ alt forum page]]
~[[Abcde]] for cd-ripping [[ forum page]]
~[[cmus]] audio-player [[ v2.4.1 for Puppy 4.3.1 forum page]], [[ v2.4.2 for Wary Racy and Slacko]]
~[[fapg]] for audio-playlists [[ forum page]]
~[[herrie]] mp3player [[ forum page]]
~[[icedax]] - read digital audio from optical device
~[[madplay]] low resource player
~[[moc]] mp3player [[ forum page]]
~[[mpg123]] low resource player
~[[ogg123]] low resource player
~[[Orpheus]] mp3 player [[ forum thread]]
~[[ShellFm shell-fm]] as lastfm-client [[ forum page]]
~[[Vcdgear]] - extracts .mpeg video from .bin files [[ forum page]]

==Text Editors==
~[[e3]] - editor with multiple personalities
~[[fe]] (emacs key binding, folding)
~[[jed]] - [[ homepage]]

~[[Acpitool]] commandline ACPI status program for laptops [[ forum thread]]
~[[BashDiff]] compare files

==Related Webpages==
~[[ CLI apps list (]]

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