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List of Command Line programs

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Acpitool commandline ACPI status program for laptops forum thread

elinks for browsing forum page
mcabber for chat forum page
newsbeuter as rss-reader forum page
snownews as rss-reader forum page
yafc for ftp forum page


ashmusic -music player forum page,
ashplayer - play music
alt forum page
Abcde for cd-ripping forum page
cmus audio-player v2.4.1 for Puppy 4.3.1 forum page,v2.4.2 for Wary Racy and Slacko
fapg for audio-playlists forum page
herrie mp3player forum page
madplay low resource player
moc mp3player forum page
mpg123 low resource player
ogg123 low resource player
Orpheus mp3 player forum thread
shell-fm as lastfm-client forum page
Vcdgear - extracts .mpeg video from .bin files forum page

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