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How to Create a New Wiki Page

Use one of the following ways to create a new wiki page:-
1. Type the name of the page after ie.
2. Click on a 'seed link' (one with a dotted under score) - you will be prompt to create a page.
3. Add a 'seed link' to a page, save page and then click the 'seed link'. Seed links can be created by using CamelCase or by using double square brackets ie. MyNewPage or [[mynewpage]]
4. Type the name of your page is this box:
Create a new page
(CamelCase only)
  • It is worth searching the wiki to ensure your topic hasn't alreay been included.
  • Please include a category at the bottom of your page and or breadcrumbs so that the page is linked with rest of wiki.
  • You must have registered and be logged in.

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