DNSCrypt provides increased DNS Privacy and security by encrypting traffic between the user and a DNS resolver.

DNS Crypt Can add Robustness to the DNS System

DNS Crypt enhances DNS robustness because
1. encrypted Traffic is harder to spoof and also since
2. the resolver can reduce the load on DNS servers by providing caching functionality.

For More details see: DNS_Vulnerabilities_and_Mitigation

DNS Crypt can be used to help subvert censorship & Increase Privacy

DNCCrypt can also be used to get around domain name censorship. For instance if the country you are in is blocking the DNS address for a given domain name, you could in theory obtain the IP Address by using a DNS Resolver in the country where the content is being hosted. Of course for complete privacy one would need to tunnel traffic through either a VPN or Tor, since an IP packet contains the source and destination (See Wikipedia articles: IPv4 & IPv6) your ip traffic could be sniffed by intermediate servers.

Pet Download and Forum Thread

The most recent version of the DNSCrypt pet is available in the following thread:

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