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==== Bootvorgang (Index) ====

~Informationen zum Start eines Puppy-Linux-Betriebssystems.
~[[BIOS BIOS settings]] - first code run, controls which drives are checked for OSs
~[[TableOfBIOSKeys BIOS Keys]] - Keys pressed at start up to enter BIOS configuration
~[[DeBootLoaders Boot Loaders]] - Software, um OS zu laden
~[[BootParameters Boot Parameters Introduction]] - information passed to OS at start up
~~[[BootParametersPuppy]] - parameters relating to Puppy
~~[[BootParametersGeneral]] - parameters relating to Linux and its kernel
~~[[BootParametersPuppy1]] - parameters used in the Puppy 1
~[[BootTimes Boot Times]]
~[[Booting Booting Tips]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[init]] - initialization process
~[[Grub4DosConfig]] - GUI frontend
~[[dmidecode]] - command-line interface tool for B.I.O.S. hardware information
~[[InstallationIndex Installation]]
~[[HowToConfigure Configure]]
~[[PuppyState How to find the Puppy State]]

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