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DebianDog is a version of Debian Wheezy Live CD shaped to look and behave like Puppy. It is available packaged with JWM and IceWM, or Openbox and XFCE. It has very package compatibility with Debian repositories and can use package managers apt-get (commandline) andSynaptic (graphical).

An installer is included as part of the ISO file, download the version required (JWM or Openbox):

Three methods of installation

screenshot JWM screenshot Openbox

Setup after installation
Internet can be setup by Frisbee.

Set keyboard layout, select:
PuppyMenu > System > Set keyboard layout

Also on the Wiki
PussyLinux - Cut down version of Debian by sickgut. Designed to be lightweight, like Puppy. 100% 'apt get' compatibility with Debian.
DebianHelp - for people using a Puppyfied Debian

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