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Debian Help

This page is to assist someone familiar with Puppy and starting out using a Puppyfied Debian, such as DebianDog or PussyLinux.

Package management
DebianDog uses Debian repositories and can use package managers apt-get (commandline) and Synaptic (graphical).

Synaptic the graphical package manager can be found at:
PuppyMenu > System > Synaptic

apt-get has many features, this simple example updates the package list and installs rdate:
apt-get update
apt-get install rdate

See also
DEB - Debian package
SFS - compressed filesystem, often used to install large packages

Useful file and folder locations

- fstab - configuration file that can be used to automatically mount harddrive partitions, see fstab (Debian)

- Firefox profile at /opt/bin/Firefox/ rather than ~/.mozilla/firefox/

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