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====Desktop Application Integration====
~This page lists ways to integrate an application into the Puppy [[DesktopEnvironments desktop environment]], especially file associations. The focus in on Puppy staples [[ROXfiler Rox Filer]] and the [[JWM JWM window manger]].
==Menu Entry==
~[[AppsDesktop .desktop]] files are the standard way for Linux programs to provide information about themselves and how they are run. These files are stored at ##/usr/share/applications##. Many programs come ready with a .desktop file. If a menu entry is required include one. Icons normally go in ##/usr/share/pixmaps/##.
==== Graphic User Interface (GUI) Index ====
~Puppy's GUI has the following building blocks, which are the foundation for its features.
~**Building Blocks-**
~[[FileManagers File Manager]]
~[[WindowManagers Window Manager]]
~[[DesktopEnvironments Desktop Environment]]
~[[DialogBoxes Dialog Boxes]]
~[[DeskTopIcons Desktop Icons]]
~[[Panels]] - AKA tray, dock
~[[PuppyMenu Puppy Menu]]
~[[VirtualDesktops Virtual Desktops]]
==How tos==
~[[DesktopApplicationIntegration Desktop Application Integration]]
~[[AddPanel Add Panel to Puppy]]
~[[WbarInstall Wbar Installation]] - add a WBar dock
~[[MenuItems Add and remove 'Puppy menu' items]]
==Also see==
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