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====Desktop Icons====

==Creating a Desktop Icon==
~Drag the relevant file, which has executable permission, to the desktop from a ROX-Filer (file manager) window that is already open.

~Applications that are shown in the menu are listed at: ///usr/share/applications//

~See also [[ Create Links on Desktop you can delete or edit thread]]

==Selecting a Desktop Icon Image==
~Right-click on a desktop icon and select: //File 'nameoficon' > Set Icon...//; then drag a chosen .png file from a relevant ROX-Filer window into the box that has opened.

==Modifying Desktop Icon Appearance==
~Right-click on any desktop icon, then choose: //ROX-Filer > Options > Pinboard//
add desktop icons by opening any folder creating icon and dragging onto desktop

==Desktop Icon Sets==
~file-system location: ///usr/local/lib/X11/themes//

==Taskbar Icons==
~[[ Forum post on Taskbar Icons]]

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