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Developer Tools

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Kernel Sources
Bones Version Control System
Woof: the Puppy builder
Woof Blog Updates
Main Puppy Developer's page

01micko has some great tools

01micko's Developer Tools
TXZ2PET by sc0ttman

Compiling Wikka
Peazip - handles all sorts of file extensions
Tree lists files, can be used with grep to find files

Iguleders Tools
www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=433176 Moo 009
PDebThing - Deb dependency downloader

RoxFox64's Tools
DotFox_002_500.sfs - 127Mb - Includes: Python 2.6 AND 3.1 Lua, Perl, Ruby +many more for Lucid 5+>
DotFox_002_500.sfs - 127Mb - MU's Mirror
Text file of what DotFox_002 includes here....
Allegro for Lucid 5+>

PuppyMartin's Remove Builtins
Removes packages from Quirky/Woof built Puppies

Pizzasgood's Tools
Pet-Be-Gone v0.5 - Use with Puppy versions < 4.3
Edit SFS v2.1

JohnMurga's MurgaLua
Murga Lua

Anjuta, Allegro, Eclipse, Vala, PyQT, gFortran, Cups (Lisp), wxPython & More
Anjuta for 430
Eclipse SDK 3.6 from Ibiblio - 170.4Mb (Not a SFS or PET)
Other Eclipse Versions (Not a SFS or PET)
Netbeans Downloads (Not a SFS or PET)
JAVA JDK & Netbeans (Not a SFS or PET)
CURL (Not a SFS or PET)
Processing (Not a SFS or PET)
Code::Blocks 10.05 SRC (Not a SFS or PET)
Old Pet's/SFS's for Eclipse & various others
Subversion with SSL - Puppy 4 Series

The Devx Files

Great Topics on The Un-Official Wiki
How to Compile
Downloading Woof
Creating SFS Files
Installing SFS Files
About the Devx Module
Using the Kernel Source
GTK-Dialog Tips

Various other Mirrors & Search Engines
Links to other Mirrors on Dokupuppylinux.co.cc
Internode Repo Mirror
BigMike's Pet Repository
BigMike's Mirror Search
BigMike's Various Search Engines
Wolf's Pet Repository
Wolf's Helpful Stuff, Including Web-based IRC

Instructions to do make from src various programs
Start by downloading the SRC here... http://fpc.planetmirror.com/pub/fpc/dist/2.4.0/i386-linux/
or here http://sourceforge.net/projects/freepascal/files/
Then, run the install.sh script and when it asks you whether to install to /usr or /usr/local, answer "/tmp/fpc", then proceed with the installation.
/tmp/fpc will contain the FreePascal files, just do mksquashfs /tmp/fpc fpc-$fpcVersion.sfs and there you have it.

Programming various topics
MU's Programs
Newbie-oriented mini tutorial about Processing
Great tips from Technosaurus about Bash Scripting

Various pets on MU's server
Programming Pets
Programming Pets Canada Mirror

Now suggested programs that I haven't found

More to come..... to make a suggestion to this page: email: paulhomebus at gmail dot com

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