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Developer Tools & Requests

01micko has some great tools
01micko's Developer Tools

Compiling Wikka

Various pets on MU's server
Programming Pets
Programming Pets Canada Mirror

Iguleders Tools Moo 009
PDebThing - Deb dependency downloader

JohnMurga's MurgaLua
Murga Lua

Programming various topics
MU's Programs

Anjuta for 430

Allegro for Lucid Puppy 5.00

Eclipse, Vala, PyQT, gFortran, Cups (Lisp), wxPython - for 4.21 I think
Eclipse & various others

The Devx Files

Subversion with SSL - Puppy 4 Series

Great Topics on The Un-Official Wiki
How to Compile
Downloading Woof
Creating SFS Files
About the Devx Module
Using the Kernel Source

BarryK's Source Directory

Various other Mirrors & Search Engines
Links to other Mirrors on
Internode Repo Mirror
BigMike's Pet Repository
BigMike's Mirror Search BigMike's Various Search Engines]]

Wolf's Pet Repository
Wolf's Helpful Stuff, Including Web-based IRC

TXZ2PET by sc0ttman

Instructions to do make from src various programs
- Make a FreePascal SFS by Iguleder...
Start by downloading the SRC here...
Then, run the script and when it asks you whether to install to /usr or /usr/local, answer "/tmp/fpc", then proceed with the installation.
/tmp/fpc will contain the FreePascal files, just do mksquashfs /tmp/fpc fpc-$fpcVersion.sfs and there you have it.

Now suggested programs that I haven't found

More to come..... to make a suggestion to this page: email: paulhomebus at gmail dot com
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