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Main Site
Kernel Sources
Bones Version Control System
Woof: the Puppy builder
Woof Blog Updates
Main Puppy Developer's page

01micko has some great tools

01micko's Developer Tools
TXZ2PET by sc0ttman

Compiling Wikka
Peazip - handles all sorts of file extensions
Tree lists files, can be used with grep to find files

Iguleders Tools Moo 009
PDebThing - Deb dependency downloader

RoxFox64's Tools
DotFox_002_500.sfs - 127Mb - Includes: Python 2.6 AND 3.1 Lua, Perl, Ruby +many more for Lucid 5+>
DotFox_002_500.sfs - 127Mb - MU's Mirror
Text file of what DotFox_002 includes here....
Allegro for Lucid 5+>

PuppyMartin's Remove Builtins
Removes packages from Quirky/Woof built Puppies

Pizzasgood's Tools
Pet-Be-Gone v0.5 - Use with Puppy versions < 4.3
Edit SFS v2.1

JohnMurga's MurgaLua
Murga Lua

Anjuta, Allegro, Eclipse, Vala, PyQT, gFortran, Cups (Lisp), wxPython & More *
Anjuta for 430
Eclipse SDK 3.6 from Ibiblio - 170.4Mb (Not a SFS or PET)
Other Eclipse Versions (Not a SFS or PET)
Netbeans Downloads (Not a SFS or PET)
JAVA JDK & Netbeans (Not a SFS or PET)
CURL (Not a SFS or PET)
Processing (Not a SFS or PET)
Code::Blocks 10.05 SRC (Not a SFS or PET)
Old Pet's/SFS's for Eclipse & various others
Subversion with SSL - Puppy 4 Series

The Devx Files

Great Topics on The Un-Official Wiki
How to Compile
Downloading Woof
Creating SFS Files
About the Devx Module
Using the Kernel Source

Various other Mirrors & Search Engines
Links to other Mirrors on
Internode Repo Mirror
BigMike's Pet Repository
BigMike's Mirror Search
BigMike's Various Search Engines
Wolf's Pet Repository
Wolf's Helpful Stuff, Including Web-based IRC

Instructions to do make from src various programs
Start by downloading the SRC here...
or here
Then, run the script and when it asks you whether to install to /usr or /usr/local, answer "/tmp/fpc", then proceed with the installation.
/tmp/fpc will contain the FreePascal files, just do mksquashfs /tmp/fpc fpc-$fpcVersion.sfs and there you have it.

Programming various topics
MU's Programs
Newbie-oriented mini tutorial about Processing

Various pets on MU's server
Programming Pets
Programming Pets Canada Mirror

Now suggested programs that I haven't found

More to come..... to make a suggestion to this page: email: paulhomebus at gmail dot com
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