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======Documentation Project======
[[LocalizationProject Locatization project]] >

//Be happy, Puppy have a great amount of// documentation //and help projects for you (to much!)//...

Official help:

- [[Irc irc channel]] //connection is on your// screen //using the// «chat» icone, //if you need help straight away!//
- [[ Blog of Barry Kauler]]
- [[ Puppy Webpage]] with a lot of high interessting links
- [[ Puppy Forum]]
- this wiki where Puppy users and lovers can write for all other users and give her best!

//As I did never learn English with system I will make my best to use where I can the official// [[ British American Scientific International Commercial English as outlined by C.K.Ogden]]. //I use italic writing where I use words of BASIC and normal writing where I do not can do it. I use of course all [[ BASIC words]], sometimes with words of the [[ long list]], and all words made of BASIC words or, different from real BASIC, build with all usual expansions (for ex. «-ic», etc. ...). If, also, you will be more pleased by using simple English, you can do the same! Please read more// [[ here]] [discussion in En].


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