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====Índice de Software====

==Páginas sobre Software==
~[[es PPM Admin Paquetes|PPM (Admin Paquetes)]]

==Formatos del paquete==
~[[es Pet|Pet files]] - Paquetes
~[[es SFS|SFS files]] - Paquetes

==Índices Software==

~||{background:white}**[[Es SoftwareDesktop|Escritorio]]** ||{background:white}Widgets, launchers and utilities||**[[Es SoftwareDevelopment|Development]]** ||Compilers, interpreters, IDEs, terminals, databases||
||**[[Es SoftwareFilesystem|File-system]]** ||Filemanagers, partitioning, Recovery||**[[Es SoftwareGames|Juegos]]** ||Add some more fun to your Puppy!||
||**[[Es SoftwareGraphics|Graficos]]** ||Paint, image manipulation, 3d modelling software.||**[[Es SoftwareInternet|Internet]]** ||Web browsers, Email and RSS clients, IM etc.||
||**[[Es SoftwareMultimedia|Multimedia]]** ||Video, music applications.||**[[Es SoftwareNetwork|Redes]]** ||Home network, remote access.||
||**[[Es SoftwareOffice|Documentos]]** || Word processing, text editors, spreadsheets, calendar.|| **[[Es SoftwareSecurity|Security]]** || Encryption, anonymous browsing ||
||**[[Es SoftwareVirtualization|Virtualization]]** ||Emulators, whatever|| **[[Es SoftwareSystem|Sistema]]** || Libraries, low level ||
|| - || - || - || - ||

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