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====Índice de Software Multimedia====
~[[Es BaconRecorder|BaconRecorder]]
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====Multimedia Software Index====
Alsa sound control
Alternative to [[ALSA]] sound system
**[[libffado Ffado]]**
Firewire support
Sound server
Volume control
**[[ Envy24 Mixer]]**
For ICE1712 chipset (as used in M Audio cards)
Convert audio/video files into various formats
multimedia framework
Media player
Displays technical info about audio/video files
**[[librtmp RTMPdump]]**
RTMP stream management
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audio player
{{image url=""}}
CD ripping & encoding
{{image url=""}}
audio editor & recorder
audio recorder that works well on slower computers
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audio playback
{{image url=""}}
DVD authoring
tool for viewing, converting, and manipulating
Convert audio/video files into various formats (GUI)
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**[[GnomeMPlayer Gnome-MPlayer]]**
Media Player
**[[GtkYoutubeViewer Gtk Youtube Viewer]]**
Play you videos without using browser
Video editing
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free video editor
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Qtractor is an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer
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DVD slideshow editing
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audio editor & recorder
Edit music scores.
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Musical score editor
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non-linear video editing
{{image url="" title="pburn" alt="pburn"}}
CD/DVD recording program
Extract audio disc without need for temporary storage.
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Audio player
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video downloader G.U.I.
Audio Processing
Media playback, polished front end
Media playback, simple front end
{{image url="" title="xbmc icon" alt="xbmc icon" width="60"}}
An open source media player
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**[[xinelib Xine lib]]**
Multimedia player
**[[YoutubeDl Youtube-DL]]**
video downloading
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