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====Fat Slacko====

==Phat Slacko 5.5==
~See [[ Phat Slacko 5.5 thread]].

==Fat Slacko 5.3.3==
~**Fat Slacko** is a 5.3.3 Puppy Slacko version with a lot of popular software included:
~~[[JavaRuntimeEnvironment Java Runtime Environment]]
~~[[Mesa]] (aka xorg_high)
~~[[QT QT Libraries]]
~~[[VLC]] - media player
~~[[FoxitReader Foxit Reader]] - [[PDF]] document reader
~~[[Samba]] with kerberos support
~~[[Inetd]] daemon for Samba documentation
~See [[ FatSlacko thread]] for more information.

==Also on the Wiki==
[[Puppy533 Slacko]]

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