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====File Managers====
~The File Manager is the program for accessing the filing system in the GUI. The default file manager in most Puppies is [[ROXFiler]]. It is start when you click on a folder or drive icon on the desktop. It can also be start by clicking 'File' or from the menu:

~//PuppyMenu > Filesystem > ROX file manager//

==List of File Manager==
~[[RoxFiler]] - default in most Puppies
~[[Thunar]] - Popular alternative to ""ROXFiler""

~[[Caja]] - [[Mate]] file manager
~[[Nautilus]] - [[Gnome]] file manger
~[[xfe]] - X File Explorer, small and fast

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Storage|Memory and Storage]]

==Related Webpages==
* [[ Dual Pane File Managers - visual folder comparison-managment (thread)]]

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