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==== File Types Index ====
~Information about different files used in Puppy Linux.
~**Puppy Specific File Types**
~~-[[SaveFile Save File]] - AKA 'Pup Save' stores updates, in a frugal installation.
~~-[[SaveFileMultiSession Save File - multisession]] - savefiles used on mutli-session optical media
~~-[[BaseSFS BaseSFS, PupSfs]] - [[SquashFS SFS]] file containing [[RootFs linux directory structure]], in a frugal installation.
~~-[[Devx]] - [[SquashFS SFS]] containing standard Puppy compiling tools
~~-[[whiteout files|whiteout file (.wh)]] - used by layered filesystem to remove read-only file
~**Package File Types**
~~-[[Pets PET]] - Puppy software packages, loaded into SaveFile
~~-[[SquashFS SFS]] - Puppy software package, read-only, loaded as file-system layer
~~-[[DEB]] - Debian/Ubuntu software packages, generally compatible with Puppy 5.2x Lucid
~**General File Types - by extension**
~~-[[BIN]] - executable program files (binary code)
~~-[[ISO]] - CD/DVD contents 'image'. Often used to distribute Puppy versions and other OSs.
~~-[[jnlp]] - Java webstart (use javaws binary)
~~-[[SquashFS SFS]] - read only compressed file system
~~-[[RAR]] - compressed files
~~-[[TAR]] - compressed files
~~-[[TXZ]], [[TXZ tar.xz]] - files using [[xz]] compression
~~-[[TGZ]], [[GZ]], [[GZ tar.gz]] - files using [[gz]] compression
~~-[[ZIP]] - compressed files

~**General File Types - by name**
~~-[[BinaryCode Binary Code]] - executable program files
~~-[[Software Sofware Package]] - binary file with supporting files
~~-[[SourceCode Source Code]] - uncompiled code
~**Document Files**
~~-[[PPD]] - printer configuration files
~~-[[PDF]] - portable document file
~~-[[DjVu]] - stores scanned documents
~~-[[iCalendar]] - send meeting requests and tasks via internet
~**Image Files**
~~-[[PNG]] - lossless raster image format
~**Linux Files**
~~[[symlink]] - symbolic link to another file
~~[[AppsDesktop .desktop]] files are the standard way for Linux programs to provide information about themselves
~~[[deb]] - Debian style software package
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~~[[RootFs]] - linux directory structure
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~~[[File]] - File identification software
~~[[md5sum]] - check hash via commandline
~**//Convert Files//**

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