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~**Frisbee** is network manager which can help you maintain internet connection in Puppy Linux. It is a front end for [[WpaRoaming Wpa Roaming]] and [[dhcpcd]], inspired by Wpa Gui.

==Installation Slacko and Polar==
~**Frisbee** is built-in on [[Puppy53 Slacko Puppy5.31]] and [[PolarPup]] go to network wizard and select Frisbee.

==Installation Precise Puppy 5.4.x (upup)==
~Install the components [[PET PETs]] from [[ this post]]
~Install the Frisbee-3 PET from [[ this post]]
~([[ rtl8192xx firmware post]])
~Alternative version- [[]]

==Install Puppy Lucid (5.2x) and Puppy 4==
~1. Install the following [[software Software Package(s)]]:
~2. Install the correct dhcpcd package for the Puppy version:
~~-[[]] {Puppy 5}
~~-[[]]] {Puppy 4, Fluppy, Puppeee}

==Installation XOPup==
~For the [[XOPup]] version, see [[ this forum post]].

==Installation for Archpup==
~For [[Archpup]] there is an [[SFS]] version, see [[ alternative forum thread]]

==Eliminate Frisbee messages==
Frisbee can be useful with unstable Internet connections, as it will periodically try to reconnect. However, by default it generates a message every time it does it, which can become annoying.

To disable those messages (Frisbee will keep on working in the background):
delete the file /etc/frisbee/.notify_mode (tested in Slacko 55).
[[ Forum thread]]

==Also on the Wiki==

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